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Shivani Patel has her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and has six years of CAD experience. She has been with GoEngineer for over 2 years working as an expert-level SOLIDWORKS and Simulation instructor and is a certified expert in SOLIDWORKS, and its FEA, CFD, and Injection Molding packages.

Air Force One and Flow Simulation

by Shivani Patel

Air Force One

In honor of America’s upcoming elections, let’s take a look at one of my favorite bits of engineering associated with the presidency—Air Force One, or more specifically, a Boeing VC-25.

How I Used SOLIDWORKS To Prove My Star Wars Fan Theory

by Shivani Patel

What Made the Dent in Boba Fett’s Helmet? Star Wars has a memorable scene where Boba Fett pulls off his iconic helmet from his father’s head. In the space between the third and fourth movies, Boba chooses to keep