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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automation – Propagation

by John Lieber

The PROPAGATE command is another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical will not only increase your productivity but does so in a way that we can also ensure accuracy. Learn more.

Do You CPQ? Configure, Price & Quote with DriveWorks

by John Mignardi

CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote. CPQ can be defined as a system that allows a customer to specify their requirements and receive a quote for the products that will meet their needs. Learn more here.

Earth Day 2018 – End Plastic Pollution

by Deborah Cox

This year the Earth Day Network is focusing on plastic. Did you know that plastic – the trash we toss out that goes to landfills and litters the sides of streets and trails is the #1 leading killer of wildlife? It is! And, we can make a difference.

10 Picture Books for “Princess” Engineers

by Amee Meghani

Let’s dive into a list of books recommendations for pre-school children. These books encourage free-thinking, remove gender barriers, and open the doors for girls who might dream to be engineers, inventors, designers, and more. Enjoy!

Another year, another robot.

by Sean Stone

Another Year, Another Robot – Here is a detailed insight into what it’s like to be involved with a local robotics team. Go Firebots, Team 3501!