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A Must-Have for Your Design Toolbox: My.SOLIDWORKS.com

by Brian Childree

My.SOLIDWORKS.com is a one-stop shop that contains a number of resources. From online training to 3D CAD libraries to product trials to engineering forums and more. Learn all about it in this post.

Why should I buy a SOLIDWORKS Subscription?

by Tyler Haggin

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service has many benefits. Some you may know about, and some you may not have. Learn about the most valuable benefits in this blog post.

Learn SolidWorks at your own pace.

by Jessica Skorut

If you’ve been looking for an engineering job lately, you’ve probably discovered that most of them require the use of SolidWorks as one of the main design/analysis tools. If you’d like to learn SolidWorks but don’t have the time to