Tap Into the Knowledge of Go by Justin Wallace

by Paul Mills

Did you know that GoEngineer has a comprehensive knowledge base with hundreds of links to great content?  Visit https://kb.goengineer.com where you will find that simplicity is key!  With a type once find it anywhere methodology, you will be empowered to increase your knowledge on many different products and subjects.  Are you hesitant to call our Tech Support Line?  Try searching for answers here first.


Currently, the knowledge base groups each entry into one of the following types:

  • Best Practices
  • Blog
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Tech Support
  • Video Library
  • White Papers
  • YouTube

Each entry is composed of the following metadata:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Link

When you perform a search, let’s use “YouTube” for example, it will look through all of the metadata listed above that contains your search term, “YouTube” as shown below:


The search term is not case sensitive so engineers that spend all day with Caps Lock on don’t have to worry.  As you can see above, our search returned 285 results.  You can scroll through the results and if a certain title, description, or author catches your attention, just click the “Link” button as shown below: KB3 The knowledge base will open a new tab in your favorite browser and display that article or download it for your viewing pleasure.  Not to digress here, but since I brought up YouTube, why not take the time to subscribe to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/goengineer?

Have a particular author in mind, maybe someone you deal with consistently at GoEngineer?  Type their name in and read what articles they have posted.  Interested in our SolidWorks Add-In?  It will give you a quick link to the knowledge base, news, and other great features from within SolidWorks.  Find it quickly as show below (Blog post regarding the SolidWorks Add-In coming soon…) KB4 We are working hard to create quality content that can empower you to do your job more efficiently and effectively.  The knowledge base is constantly growing; as users engage in the content, by clicking the link provided, the knowledge base learns and moves that content higher up in the search results giving you the best information first. So go ahead, visit https://kb.goengineer.com and tap into the knowledge of Go, for what you need to find when you need to find it, fast!

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