An integrated solution from design to manufacture


SOLIDWORKS CAM is an integrated CAM solution available to all SOLIDWORKS licenses on subscription, allowing for 2.5 and simple 3-axis toolpath creation for mill machines. Powered by CAMWorks, the original SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner, SOLIDWORKS CAM offers a similar interface that makes learning easy.

With a common platform and a simpler workflow, SOLIDWORKS CAM unites both design and manufacturing teams, resulting in a better CNC experience. This integrated solution also allows for parametric updates to toolpaths and skips timely exports to third party software. SOLIDWORKS CAM learns as you program, allowing you to reuse programming data on previous parts to make future parts programmable with just a few clicks.


Parametric Programming

SOLIDWORKS CAM is an integrated CAM solution, which allows users to program by referencing faces, edges, and other geometry on your CAD files directly in SOLIDWORKS. Changes to your design are instantly recognized by SOLIDWORKS CAM and toolpaths are updated automatically.

More Efficient Over Time

SOLIDWORKS CAM learns your machining style as you program each and every part. Save your strategies for machining into the Technology Database, which can be quickly reapplied to future parts, significantly reducing programming time.

Tolerance Based Machining

Take advantage of MBD and toleranced dimensions in SOLIDWORKS! SOLIDWORKS CAM will use this information to suggest appropriate machining strategies automatically, streamlining the design to manufacturing process.

NC Editor

In addition to an in-software simulation, the included NC Editor with Backplotting can help verify a part has been programmed correctly, avoiding costly mistakes when taking the program to a CNC Mill.

Auto Feature Recognition

SOLIDWORKS CAM can help you program your part by automatically recognizing where it needs to place toolpaths. The technology behind this tool has been available in SOLIDWORKS for a long time in the form of FeatureWorks, an add-in that attempts to rebuild a SOLIDWORKS Feature Tree on imported solids such as .iges and .step file.

If the file type can be brought into SOLIDWORKS as solid bodies or surfaces, it can be programmed.

If you are on a current SOLIDWORKS subscription, any version of SOLIDWORKS 2018 or later will include SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard.

Post processors are information translators, converting SOLIDWORKS CAM data into G-Code that your machine controller can read. SOLIDWORKS CAM comes with many standard post processors, but custom posts can be purchased and supported through GoEngineer for more specialized needs.

SOLIDWORKS CAM standard can only work with SOLIDWORKS part files. Though toolpaths can be patterned to represent multiple parts, the full assembly functionality, capable of representing fixturing and other advanced features is found in higher package levels.
Yes, but only with a partial set of the 3-axis toolpath set. These 3-axis toolpaths can handle a variety of parts, but higher packages provide more powerful toolpaths to make programming more flexible.

Full Integration

Fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS, this knowledge-based machining technology allows designers to integrate design and manufacturing processes all under one system. There is no need for separate software programs (or even hardware) and needlessly worrying about file translations or incompatibility issues between different software platforms. Once SOLIDWORKS modeling is complete, simply switch over to the SOLIDWORKS CAM environment with minimal loss of time and start creating toolpaths and then validate via Simulate Toolpath and output NC code with ease.

CAD Model & CAM Data are Parametrically Linked Together

Make a change to the CAD model and SOLIDWORKS CAM will update accordingly. Any changes affecting the SOLIDWORKS CAD model will directly affect the SOLIDWORKS CAM toolpath. Save time, money, and generate updated toolpaths all with a few mouse clicks!

Advanced Feature-Based CAM Technology

  • Automatic Feature Recognition. This well-proven feature easily recognizes prismatic shapes such as holes, pockets, and bosses of your CAD model and generates customizable, efficient toolpaths for fast post processing of NC code. This technology even leverages SOLIDWORKS parametric information (e.g., Hole Wizard) and selects the proper cutting tools to generate NC code per your company’s standards and/or best practices.
  • Interactive Feature Recognition. For users who prefer to utilize their own custom workflow (‘program your way’), Interactive Feature Recognition offers customization, flexibility, and simple ease-of-use to generate powerful and efficient toolpaths with a few mouse clicks.

Toolpath Simulation

Using the integrated simulator, designers can verify the correct machining strategies and setup information for each component produced.

Knowledge-Based Machining

The Technology Database, or “TechDB”, is the “brains” behind SOLIDWORKS CAM. This database allows you to create, edit, and save SOLIDWORKS CAM data. It then leverages that information for future programming projects of automation, efficiency, and high-performance toolpaths. Knowledge-Based Machining allows you to fully customize (create, edit, and save) your company’s standards and best machining practices all in one location (Technology Database). SOLIDWORKS CAM then leverages information from the Technology Database for reuse to create powerful, high-performance toolpaths that maximize efficiency and automation.

CAD Agnostic

Collaboration between other CAD programs is easy using SOLIDWORKS CAM as this program leverages its Feature-Based technology. Simply use your existing SOLIDWORKS model or import (*.STEP, Parasolid, IGES, etc.) into SOLIDWORKS the solid model from a different CAD platform and easily create your toolpath information.

OLIDWORKS CAM Standard Pricing available from GoEngineer

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard features the tools necessary for 2.5-axis CNC milling of parts. Roughing, finishing, 3D edge breaks, and hole processing can all be accomplished without leaving the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment.

  • Most flat-bottom geometries, such as pockets, slots, and bosses are 2.5-axis features. CAM Standard will generate g-code to move through the Z-axis but most cuts will be in the XY plane.

  • CAM Standard will handle all types of hole operations: drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, and thread milling.

  • In addition to 2.5-axis milling, CAM Standard will also provide basic 3-axis milling tools. Whole-part roughing and Z-level finishing is included to handle occasional 3D toolpath requirements.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional Pricing from GoEngineer

SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional expands on the abilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard. In addition to all of the 2.5- and 3-axis capabilities, an upgrade to SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional will include:

  • Assembly Mode
    There is no way to avoid the need for workholding – parts must be held down – but we can avoid costly collisions between tools and fixtures by planning ahead. Programming within a SOLIDWORKS assembly is the best way to ensure your toolpaths do not come into contact with anything but the stock material. Assemble your setup virtually using the native SOLIDWORKS CAD mating tools and simply assign parts as Fixtures to force toolpaths to avoid them.


  • 4- & 5-Axis Indexing
    Automatically generate rotational A/B/C codes to swiftly move between setups. Programming for indexers and trunnions is simple and straightforward with SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional.


  • VoluMill
    VoluMill leads the industry in high-speed machining (HSM) toolpath technology, and it is built right into SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional. A dedicated Feeds & Speeds wizard will help you create toolpaths that are not only faster but safer and less harsh on your machine tool. Tool life goes up, cycle time goes down, and you’re more competitive than ever with VoluMill.


  • Turning
    Standard 2-axis lathes can be programmed in CAM Professional. Toolroom or slant-bed lathes with X and Z control are compatible. Program all types of outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) work, including grooving and threading.


  • Configurations
    CAM configurations work the same way regular SOLIDWORKS configurations work – allowing different “versions” within the same file. Those versions might differ in geometry or just the type of code required. For example, if initial cuts were to be made on a lathe and then the part is transferred over to a mill for finishing, both lathe and mill programming would be necessary. CAM Professional provides the flexibility to handle all of that within the same file, simplifying file management and minimizing the chance of human error.


SOLIDWORKS CAM is powered by CAMWorks, a leading SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner for 25 years strong. Introductory programming capabilities are included under the SOLIDWORKS CAM umbrella, with more advanced features available in the CAMWorks bundles.


Along with everything included in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, CAMWorks Standard provides support for:

  • Rotary Milling
    CAMWorks Standard can program simultaneous 4-axis features that are concentric to the rotary axis. With the tool always pointed to the center of rotation, this simplified version of 4-axis rotational milling is as easy to program as 2.5-axis features.
  • Lathe Sub-Spindle Control
    Extra lathe abilities are included at this level as well. Programmable tailstocks/sub-spindles can be controlled via the CAMWorks interface. Multi-step actions such as part transfers are handled with user-editable templates. Each step is rendered, so programming is done visually and parameters are quickly fine-tuned for each job.


CAMWorks Milling Standard Pricing Available from GoEngineer

If your parts require more than the occasional 3-axis toolpath, CAMWorks Milling Standard may be the right fit for you.

  • Advanced 3-axis Roughing & Finishing
    Milling Standard is the gateway into full 3-axis cutting. The operations included in SOLIDWORKS CAM (Area Clearance roughing and Z-Level finishing) are enhanced, with more controls and options, and additional specialized operation types are added.



The CAMWorks Professional bundles are geared toward shops that house multiple technologies and advanced machine tools such as multi-tasking machines.

  • 3-axis Undercutting
    Milling Professional adds one more arrow to the 3-axis quiver by including an undercutting module. Lollipop and other specialized tools can be used to create complex geometries that require workpiece contact on the top side of the tool.
  • Mill/Turn
    Live-tooling and C-axis control are included in the Professional bundles. Use all of the available milling and turning operations on the same part, in the same machine! Both main-spindle and sub-spindle can be programmed in milling or turning mode, and Y-axis movements are natively supported.


CAMWorks Turning Standard Pricing Available from GoEngineer

Are the bundles feeling a bit biased toward milling? No worry – CAMWorks has two options focused on providing the best value to shops focused on lathe work.

  • Mill/Turn
    Live-tooling and C-axis control are included in the Professional bundles. Use all of the available milling and turning operations on the same part, in the same machine! Both main-spindle and sub-spindle can be programmed in milling or turning mode, and Y-axis movements are natively supported.



Turning Professional includes everything needed to efficiently and safely program some of the most advanced lathes available.

  • Multi-Turret Support
    Turning Professional can handle up to 4 tool turrets, simultaneously and fully synchronized. Like all other Turning modules, gang tools and SOLIDWORKS Assembly files are supported for complex turn tool setups. The CAMWorks Sync Manager outputs wait codes and gives the programmer a clear overview of what each turret is doing throughout the cycle time.


  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard
    Between the 4 tool turrets, main- and sub-spindle, Y-axis, and everything else you might start losing track of how many axes Turning Professional supports. Programming the world’s most advanced multi-tasking machines is difficult – which is why this bundle also includes CAMWork’s entry-level machine simulation tool.

    CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard will automatically import tooling and fixturing information from CAMWorks and loads a virtual version of the entire machine environment. A simulation that involves the entirety of the project is the safest and most reliable way to verify costly mistakes have not been made. Virtual Machine Standard simulates from CL data, while upgraded versions run from the same g-code as the actual machine tool control.


    CAMWorks Premium is our flagship CAM package – it is the culmination of all the prior bundles plus a complete Multiaxis milling module.

    • Simultaneous Multiaxis Milling

      Advanced 4- and 5-axis simultaneous milling is included in CAMWorks Premium. Programmers have supreme control over the tool’s path and orientation without sacrificing the ease of the CAMWork’s workflow. Multiaxis roughing, finishing, and gouge-checking are all possible in both SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.




      Standard   Professional  Standard  Milling
    Standard Features
    • NC Editor with Backplotting - Powered by CIMCO
    • Tolerance Based Machining
    2.5 Axis and Basic 3 Axis Milling
    • Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area, and Z Level Finishing
    • Parts
    • Parts and Assemblies
    • 4 & 5 Axis Indexing
    • VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughing
    Multiple CAM Configurations
    2 Axis Turning for CNC Lathes
    • Sub-Spindle and Two turrets Support
    Rotary Milling
    3 Axis Milling - Parts & Assemblies  
    • Advanced 3 Axis Roughing and Finishing Capabilities
    • 3 Axis Undercutting with Standard and Custom Tools
    4 Axis Turning for CNC Lathes
    • Sync Manager for Synchronized Machining
    CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard
    4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous Milling - Parts & Assemblies

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