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Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!

Have you ever needed to hide or show certain dimensions in a SOLIDWORKS part but wasn't sure how to do it? Believe it or not, this is a relatively simple process. First, check that Hide All Tyles is off (View > Hide/Show > Hide All Types is deselected). Then follow these steps. 



I've been a SOLIDWORKS user since 2008 and over time, I have used the software to design many projects around the house. What I enjoy most about SOLIDWORKS is the ability to see a design in its finished state ahead of time and eliminating the trial-and-error process. In this article, I've compiled some of the projects I've worked on over the years. I can tell that my SOLIDWORKS skills have improved over time as I learned more 'secrets' of the software. 



3D Printing Apr 06, 2021

Exciting news from Stratasys dropped this week when they announced that they will offer a new technology called SAF (pronounced as a word) that stands for Selective Absorption Fusion. (Yes, we know what you're thinking, another acronym to remember.) If you're familiar with additive technology, it might ring a bell, but if not, no need to worry. Let's take a look at SAF from Stratasys.


You just launched the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Settings application and all that's showing in the taskbar is the Toolbox icon. The Toolbox dialog box is nowhere to be found. ALT+TAB shows it as a selection but no matter what you do, you can't seem to get it back on the screen. How do we fix it? 



The Delete Hole feature is an effective but slightly elusive command in SOLIDWORKS that restores closed interior profile(s) from surface bodies. It is very similar to the Untrim Surface feature because it can quickly patch or fill trimmed surface geometry. Delete Hole is like Delete Face but for surface bodies. This command is usually easier and more efficient than trying to use a Filled Surface feature. 


The preview window in Explorer and the View option in PDM History are both often used when reviewing files because SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is not associated properly to preview. You may be presented with the error below or with a blank display. This is indicating that the location for the needed viewer tool is not valid for the right application. In some cases, it’s pointing to an older viewer that cannot preview the newer versions of the files. In either event, you need to have it corrected inside of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool. 


If you need to share SOLIDWORKS Simulation data that is either protected sensitive design information or with someone who can't open SOLIDWORKS files, there are a couple of different options for exporting Simulation study results to other file formats. This can also be very useful for those who don't have the option of sending the full SOLIDWORKS file with the study and results.  



In this guide, you'll learn the steps and procedures required to design and implement a full Revision Table on the face of a SOLIDWORKS PDm data card that updates rows as part of the workflow as well as the Revision Table found on the face of the drawing. With a typical example of Revision Table integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM, only the most recent row is still editable and in sync with the drawing file. We have now added additional rows that showcase and store previous row values as read-only—similar to how the table might work on the face of the drawing itself.


The SOLIDWORKS Convert Entities tool is both useful and powerful in that it will project edges of a face onto the active sketch whether or not the face is parallel to the active sketch. These edges will always be projected as seen when looking normal to the sketch. Convert Entities is one of the few tools that behaves differently if you have an object selected before you press the button. 


Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!