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SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.

This guide will go over how to set up a Thermal Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. This tutorial will demonstrate two different examples: a steady-state thermal analysis a time-dependent study.

Is your SOLIDWORKS session cascading in upon itself and leaving you dizzy, no longer sure which way is positive Z? Or, maybe the text in your feature tree has shrunk down to the point of being illegible. Most likely, you are suffering from mishandled DPI Scaling settings.


When designing parts in SOLIDWORKS and documenting them in drawings, it is often necessary to display a company logo. Perhaps you need to put together some product reviews for marketing, maybe your drawing will be used to determine the position of screen printing on a part, or, maybe, you're just looking to spruce up your drawings with your company logo. In this article, learn three different methods for adding images and inserting logos into SOLIDWORKS parts and drawings. 


Drop Tests are a kind of study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium that simulates dropping a model on the ground. Drop Tests are the only type of study in SOLIDWORKS Professional that utilizes a dynamic solver. Though SOLIDWORKS is performing complex calculations in the background, Drop Tests are easy to set up as a user. 


SOLIDWORKS Draft Analysis lets us determine if a part is ready to be molded. It uses color highlighting to indicate which faces of a model have an adequate draft to be easily released from a mold. We can specify our own tolerance and direction of pull, and we can view which faces have positive draft, negative draft, or still require draft. Scaling lets us enlarge a part to account for shrinkage.


Data management for SOLIDWORKS 2022 contains many new features and enhancements when working in PDM, Manage, and using the Administrative Image. SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 has powerful new capabilities that allow your design team to stay organized and informed while keeping projects on time and on budget. 


3D Printing FDM Nov 18, 2021

Stratasys recently announced that beginning with the Fortus 450, a 3D printer designed for rigorous 24/7 production, users will have the option to bring new materials to the platform, and access to previously untouchable print parameters. 

When working in SOLIDWORKS, there are times when we need to repeat a feature that has already been created. If using a linear pattern or the Mirror Feature does not produce the desired geometry, another option is to copy the feature, and paste it where needed. This guide explains ways to copy and paste features from your SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager Design Tree in the same part and from one part to another.  


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SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.