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DraftSight Jul 11, 2024

This tutorial demonstrates how to use AutoStack in a DraftSight drawing to stack text that represents fractions and tolerances in leaders, smart leaders, and notes. AutoStack is great for converting numeric characters that are divided by a pound (#), slash (/), or carat (^) to text representing fractions and tolerances.

In SOLIDWORKS, Multiple Mates is a useful shortcut that can save a bit of time when making several mates to a single reference. Whether there is a need to align pieces of a collapsing telescope or syringe, or to make a surface on multiple parts coincident to each other, Multiple Mates streamlines the process of adding those mates. And like many tools within SOLIDWORKS, it is intuitive and user-friendly.

CAMWorks Jul 09, 2024

When updating CAMWorks, a few key steps can get overlooked when upgrading to a newer version. This article covers best practices and steps to upgrade your CAMWorks installation to a newer version without losing or leaving data behind.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jul 08, 2024

When taking the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training Course, it's encouraged to ask questions. Here is a fantastic question I received that I'll discuss further in this article: What is the best approach to deleting a detailed cable out of a project in SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jul 03, 2024

Color is a crucial element in visual media as it influences how viewers perceive the final product. Understanding the components of color and how you can control these within SOLIDWORKS Visualize will improve your renders. While color theory can be a deep topic, we will stick with the basics and how they can be applied to Visualize projects.

CATIA Jul 03, 2024

Requirements are most often mastered on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform using 3DEXPERIENCE Requirements Engineer. To leverage those same requirements downstream in model-based systems engineering (MBSE) tasks, you must import them into CATIA Magic Cyber Systems Engineer. Here is how you do that using CATIA Magic’s Data Hub Exchange. 


Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2023, PDM users have access to more properties when implementing the Find User button control in their file data cards. In previous versions, you were only given the ability to populate the destination variable with the login name. You can now populate the destination variable with any of the listed properties of a PDM user account. This article will demonstrate how to configure the Find User button control in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

DriveWorks Jun 28, 2024

Whether in your DriveWorks training or first projects, you have experimented with capturing and releasing models to your specifications. Since the models are released inside the specification, the generation of those models is linked to the specification, right? Well, no.


In this guide, we cover SOLIDWORKS Simulation fixture preview icons and what they represent. While building SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies, it is important to create the right fixtures so that the results are accurate. By understanding the fixture preview icons and how they relate to the different types of fixtures, it becomes much easier to quickly create the correct fixtures.

GoEngineer Community
A forum created by engineers, for engineers. Join to access industry experts and connect with the engineering community.