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Iso Clipping is a post-processing tool available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. It allows us to modify the display of a result plot to cut away regions of the model above or below a certain value. It can also be used to show a range between two values and view surfaces of up to six specified values. Isolating areas of very high or low stress can be informative when investigating failures and optimizing designs.

In SOLIDWORKS, a misaligned concentric mate is a way to link a pair of concentric mates that would otherwise over-constrain the assembly. By allowing some deviation, the mates can resolve without errors. For example, if you have components with a pair of holes, you can mate those components even when the holes are not the same distance apart.

3DEXPERIENCE Design Jun 18, 2024

3DEXPERIENCE offers extra security options to further lock down your platform beyond username and password. One common method is to enable 2-factor authentication, which requires you to log in and use a mobile app to generate a unique code. This code needs to be entered along with your password to provide an extra layer of security. In this tutorial, we'll walk through the 3DEXPERIENCE 2-Factor Authenticator setup.

3D Printing Jun 17, 2024

Stratasys medical-grade 3D printers and sophisticated materials provide solutions for surgeons, to expedite innovation, improve clinical outcomes, and help advance medical manufacturing.

Did you know that SOLIDWORKS has a dark mode display setting? Using dark modes can help reduce glare, extend battery life, and ease eye strain by reducing blue light exposure. This is a great display option for working in low-light environments or into the evenings. Let’s explore the dark mode color settings in SOLIDWORKS.

3D Scanning Jun 13, 2024

Whether you’re manufacturing your 5 millionth widget or your very first, your QC system is only as good as its operators and those operators are only as good as their tools. But in order to find the correct tool for the job, consider these first.


In this tutorial, we explain the steps to create a Local view file (.CVS) for both SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. This is an extremely useful tool for distributing and automating the creation of local views when setting up new PDM clients by providing a (nearly) one-click alternative to the traditional View Setup Wizard. 

In SOLIDWORKS, templates allow users to have all their preferred settings, standards, and properties ready to go. However, you may find yourself receiving a file that is not on the desired template. Or perhaps, when troubleshooting a problem, you want to test how a file behaves on a different template. Here are some tricks you can use to transfer existing parts and assemblies over to new templates.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is a powerful photo rendering tool. A complimentary seat of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included with each SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license on active subscription.

GoEngineer Community
A forum created by engineers, for engineers. Join to access industry experts and connect with the engineering community.