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3D Printing Tutorials Jan 26, 2023

3D printers are amazing machines but can sometimes require calibrations, repairs, or other maintenance. When you reach out to GoEngineer for support, one of the first items we will ask you for is the Configuration File (CFG). The Configuration File is the log file from your FDM 3D printer that will include error codes and information about what the printer was doing before an issue occurred. This file is helpful for finding the solution to the problem at hand. So, how do you get the CFG from the printer and send it to us? There are several ways, and this article will walk you through them. 

In this quick tip, we will explore a couple of approaches for creating a route through clips in SOLIDWORKS. Both methods discussed here accomplish the routing task but have differences worthy of discussion. We will briefly examine both methods, beginning with an assembly for an electronic enclosure.


Topology Optimization is a technique in SOLIDWORKS Simulation that removes material from a user-defined shape or design space to maximize the the performance of the shape. Performance, in this instance, would be maximizing stiffness to weight ratio, minimizing displacement, or a combination of the two for a given set of loading conditions.



This article offers tips on troubleshooting email notifications sent out by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. This guide assumes that you have had email notifications successfully set up and running but are suddenly no longer being received. How do we determine the problem?


3DEXPERIENCE Simulate Jan 18, 2023

DSLS (Dassault Systèmes Licensing Service) is a cloud-hosted licensing service that removes the need for a dedicated physical machine to act as the licensing server. The service is managed entirely by Dassault Systèmes and requires almost no intervention by you, the user, or an IT team. 

eDrawings Jan 17, 2023

If eDrawings is installed and starts up okay when launched (via the Start Menu) but you cannot preview files in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view (Figure 1), this is likely because of a disconnect between eDrawings and PDM. This guide explains how to fix all issues with PDM files not previewing in the Preview tab.


SOLIDWORKS PDM utilizes SQL as its database engine where one database file (.mdf) and at least one transaction log file (.ldf) is created.  The database file stores the physical data added to the database, and the transaction log keeps records of database modifications. By default, the recovery method of a SQL database is set to ‘Full’.  With Full recovery model set, a transaction log can grow until it is out of disk space which can make your Microsoft SQL Server database unusable.  The following document will walk you through step by step on how to change your database recovery mode from ‘Full’ to ‘Simple’.


SOLIDWORKS users can add custom properties to any toolbox component, this can allow companies to track data that’s unique to their organization, this could include manufacturer, ordering information, or component cost. To add these data fields, create a custom property for each piece of information that the user would be interested in tracking. These are not enabled by default and will have to be enabled for each piece of hardware it affects. 

SOLIDWORKS Training Jan 11, 2023

GoEngineer invites U.S. military service veterans to enroll in our supported, self-paced SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training course - at no cost. The SOLIDWORKS Essentials class provides the foundation for building SOLIDWORKS skills and prepares students for the SOLIDWORKS Certified Associate examOur supported, self-paced training platform makes it easy for veterans to gain the skills they need to transition back into the civilian workforce.  


Save on SOLIDWORKS Workstations
Guaranteed best pricing from DELL with an additional 10% off coupon, and 3% off on future purchases