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The SOLIDWORKS Rx log includes information like machine specs, registry information, event logs, a video recording of you recreating the behavior, and a Pack & Go of the affected files. This article includes the instructions for running a SOLIDWORKS Rx problem capture in SOLIDWORKSSOLIDWORKS Electrical, and SOLIDWORKS Composer. (It can also capture behavior in File Explorer, eDrawings, and Visualize, which we'll also cover.) 


CATIA Jun 02, 2023

CATIA V5 Product Engineering Optimizer promotes integrated analysis and design by allowing designers and engineers to improve their designs by using a variety of analysis tools and techniques throughout the product development cycle, reducing the need for costly changes down the road. CATIA V5 Product Engineering Optimizer also supports multi-objective optimization, enabling users to optimize designs for multiple objectives simultaneously such as minimizing weight while maximizing strength or minimizing cost while maximizing performance. 



Abaqus Jun 01, 2023

Want to use Abaqus and the Intel OneAPI to compile user subroutines in Windows but are unsure where to begin? In this article, we walk through each step of setting up the required software, setting up the development environment, and modifying Abaqus to support Intel OneAPI. Additionally, we'll outline how to automatically run the initialization batch file each time Abaqus is launched. 



As we know, every year, SOLIDWORKS releases a new version with hundreds of new features and functionalities. From innovative new functionalities to all-new product offerings, this blog post will put you in a time machine and take you on a journey through the history of SOLIDWORKS.

Insight May 29, 2023

In this Insight tutorial, we explain how to reuse custom groups in other Insight projects and share some helpful bonus tips when using the software. Custom Groups is a tool in Stratasys’ Insight software that, by default, stays within the file that you are working in. To use the custom group on a new 3D printed part or to share it with a colleague, you will need to export those groups. 


CAMWorks May 25, 2023

Before we get started, it is critical to know that clearing your CAMWorks registry is generally a troubleshooting last resort. We take some caution in this article, but being informed is essential. It is possible to put yourself in an unfortunate situation by poking around in your registry, so please don’t experiment while doing this.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical May 24, 2023

Within SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, custom line types can be added and applied to wire styles, layers, and cable styles. To create or add line types, within the project template, go to the Project tab > Configurations Drawing style… If you do not have a drawing style associated with your project, select either imperial or metric style, and select Add to project.



Abaqus May 23, 2023

DSLS (Dassault Systèmes Licensing Service) is a cloud-hosted licensing service that removes the need for a dedicated physical machine to act as the licensing server. The service is managed entirely by Dassault Systèmes and requires almost no intervention by you, the user, or an IT team. 

SIMULATION May 23, 2023

Ever-increasing computing capabilities have allowed program developers to incorporate the fundamental engineering equations describing fluid flow into fast and accurate CFD simulation programs. CFD results allow virtual comparison of multiple design ideas and examination of the tradeoffs. In the process, the number of prototypes needed to achieve an acceptable design can be significantly reduced.

GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 5,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.