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3D Printing Jul 22, 2024

Stratasys recently launched its newest addition to its professional line of medical-grade printers - the J5 Digital Anatomy. While the current J5 MediJet offers incredibly detailed full-color anatomical models, the new J5 DAP extends possibilities with the ability to use Digital Anatomy materials.


In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, serial numbers can go a long way to helping us add some intelligence to our part numbering scheme. For example, using multiple pieces to create a naming format that includes a month or a year can help us organize our data. There isn’t a way to reset a serial number value automatically inside SOLIDWORKS PDM. However, we can accomplish this by using the SQL Server Agent to create a scheduled job to alter these values.

The Advanced Mate options are handy for arranging your SOLIDWORKS assembly as they would appear in the real world. In this quick tip, we explore options to set up a limit angle mate between two parts when there aren’t two parallel faces to select.

Each node in a model meshed for a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) study has six degrees of freedom or DOF. Three are translational and three are rotational. In order to stabilize the model, the nodes’ DOF must be constrained.

3D Printing Jul 15, 2024

Stratasys medical-grade 3D printers and sophisticated materials provide solutions for surgeons, to expedite innovation, improve clinical outcomes, and help advance medical manufacturing.

3D Scanning Jul 15, 2024

Quality issues that go unresolved throughout the production process can significantly impact a company's bottom line. Therefore, it's important to implement effective quality control processes and tools to reduce what can be a significant cost.

DraftSight Jul 11, 2024

This tutorial demonstrates how to use AutoStack in a DraftSight drawing to stack text that represents fractions and tolerances in leaders, smart leaders, and notes. AutoStack is great for converting numeric characters that are divided by a pound (#), slash (/), or carat (^) to text representing fractions and tolerances.

In SOLIDWORKS, Multiple Mates is a useful shortcut that can save a bit of time when making several mates to a single reference. Whether there is a need to align pieces of a collapsing telescope or syringe, or to make a surface on multiple parts coincident to each other, Multiple Mates streamlines the process of adding those mates. And like many tools within SOLIDWORKS, it is intuitive and user-friendly.

CAMWorks Jul 09, 2024

When updating CAMWorks, a few key steps can get overlooked when upgrading to a newer version. This article covers best practices and steps to upgrade your CAMWorks installation to a newer version without losing or leaving data behind.

GoEngineer Community
A forum created by engineers, for engineers. Join to access industry experts and connect with the engineering community.