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Get the most out of your investment. GoEngineer hosts Free Engineering Webinars on SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks, 3D Printing & more! Live Q&A with product experts.
Learn more about SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS related products. Better educate yourself with SOLIDWORKS user groups. Network with your peers.
GoEngineer, provides you with premier resources such as SOLIDWORKS, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, FEA, CFD, PLM, & CAM. We are a premier partner to Stratasys...
This document covers SOLIDWORKS system requirements and current recommendations for hardware to run SOLIDWORKS products in 2020.
The 3DEXPERIENCE is a web-based environment that is designed to bring all aspects of the product development cycle together in one place.
SOLIDWORKS 2021 offers new features and tools to optimize your product designs. See what's new from the SOLIDWORKS experts at GoEngineer.
GoEngineer offers Professional SOLIDWORKS Courses and Certification with Classroom or Online Instruction. Also, Stratasys 3D Printing, CAMWorks and 3D Scanning Training Offered as Well
SOLIDWORKS CAM powered by CAMWorks. Integrate design and manufacturing processes under one system.
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3D Scanning Artec
Artec portable and handheld 3D scanning solutions are designed for reverse engineering, industrial design, healthcare and manufacturing industries CAD generation needs.

Blog Articles

A SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service has many benefits that you may or may not know about. In this blog, we cover some of the most valuable benefits.
The SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Request is an option available within your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account.
What if you could learn SOLIDWORKS without having to leave work or your house? Find out whether self-paced or virtual SOLIDWORKS training is better for you.
Did you know that there are free SOLIDWORKS Certification codes available that you, as a customer can take?
The following article discusses how to upgrade the Dispatch Add-in as well as explain how to export a Dispatch action script in SOLIDWORKS PDM.
3D Printing FDM
The Stratasys F123 Series 3D printers are office friendly, which promotes collaboration within your organization, are easy to use, and cost effective.
3D Printing Tutorials
Justify having 3D printers for your business. Simple philosophy on when to buy 3D Printers to expand your capabilities and gain an advantage.
3D Printing PolyJet
Stratasys announced a new addition to their PolyJet line of 3D printers. The J55 is an easy-to-use, ultra-office friendly printer at an affordable price.
3D Printing PolyJet
The Stratasys J55 combines high-end PolyJet functionality with the small footprint and office-friendliness of the F123 Series.
3D Printing
Earlier this year, GoEngineer set up a brand new office location that includes a 3D printing lab and SOLIDWORKS training facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


The 3DExperience Structural Professional Engineer app is a powerful simulation tool. Creating duplicates of existing studies saves a lot of time during the analysis process...
This video will show the process for how to set up a Technology Database on a network location, we will cover the process of finding...
This webinar covers the new partnership between Dell, Nvidia and GoEnginer for custom hardware solutions for our customers. Customers also receive an exclusive 5% additional...
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is easily the most dynamically advancing arena in our industry and there are new methods and materials being developed all...
Today all trends are pointing to companies adopting more of a cloud-centric approach to their design and manufacturing processes. The reasons are varied but include...
This video is a guide on how to transfer your CAMWorks license, transferring a CAMWorks license is a very particular process that needs to...
Learn different modeling methods for J-slots within SOLIDWORKS, and how to machine them properly within CAMWORKS. J Slots can often provide challenges for both modeler...
The 3DExperience Structural Professional Engineer app is a powerful simulation tool. Linking your SOLIDWORKS models to SIMULIA is an essential skill to facilitate the development...
Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go to create copies of Assemblies and Drawings while maintaining their file references. Quick Tip presented by...
Learn what is Topology Optimization, how to setup an analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how to use the results to create meaningful geometry. Webinar...
Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!