GoEngineer Teams up with Students in the SeaPerch Program

by Sandy Ortez

GoEngineer is not just for the land based engineer. With this latest project, we’ll try not to get too wet as we watch the Mt. Nebo Jr. High School – 4H students, show off their underwater ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle). These students participate in SeaPerch, an innovative underwater robotics program that teaches basic science, engineering, math and robotic concepts in the local youth. While in this program, students work together to build an ROV made from low-cost components.

GoEngineer recently sponsored 12 student kits, 3 teacher’s kits, and coordinated transportation to help the Mt. Nebo students attend the 1st Annual Utah SeaPerch Competition on March 14, 2013. This year, 45 students will be participating and we are excited to see the product of their team efforts. The SeaPerch Program at Mt. Nebo Jr. High is coordinated by Darwin Deming (Science Department) and Amy Lee (Afterschool Club Coordinator).

GoEngineer recognizes that the 4H students and SeaPerch program is an incredible opportunity for students to develop themselves and their futures. Funding to this program is provided by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in efforts to find the next generation of naval architects and engineers.  Sponsorship doesn’t end with the ONR or at GoEngineer.  Schools like Mt. Nebo Jr. High, seek sponsorship to help allow students all over to participate without worrying about the expenses. For more information visit:  SeaPerch or BYU SeaPerch Site

Good luck Mt. Nebo Jr. High students!


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