Did someone say “One Million?”

by Sandy Ortez

The GoEngineer YouTube channel recently exceeded 1,000,000 views! GoEngineer employees Sam Scholes and Brock Vasic launched the channel in May 2010. The first video uploaded discussed the SolidWorks Animator and Motion Study. That video has since been viewed over 32K times! We’ve even seen substantial growth in the past twelve months, with more than 600,000 views and an estimated 14,569 hours watched!

Quick Tips Hi-Res IntroCurrently GoEngineer has over 350 videos on YouTube covering a variety of topics, including: SolidWorks 3D CAD, SolidWorks Simulation, Altium Designer, CAMWorks, Stratasys 3D Printing, and other solutions. Among our most popular videos are the “What’s New” series that we create each year to introduce new features in the latest SolidWorks releases. We’re actively working to create new videos every month and continue offering content that is relevant, interesting, and useful.

When asked about YouTube, Sam Scholes said:

“When Brock and I started GoEngineer’s YouTube channel we really didn’t know what to expect. Three years later, GoEngineer’s free QuickTips videos have helped SolidWorks users in over 180 countries learn to use SolidWorks better. That’s really exciting! We’re thrilled to be able to help SolidWorks users around the world with our YouTube channel. Driving our success has been the exceptional Application Engineers and technical support team members at GoEngineer. Their knowledge and expertise has helped make our QuickTips series awesome. We’re excited to see what happens in the years to follow and hope to continue providing SolidWorks worldwide users with a great online resource.”

Visit the GoEngineer YouTube Channel: youtube.com/goengineer





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