Advance Your Skills with SolidWorks 201 by Tandy Banks

Classroom-TrainingRemember back to that first year of school…the frightening freshman year!  It was filled with lots of new ideas to explore and was very overwhelming.  First experiences with new software can be similar in that it can be very exciting and frustrating all at the same time.  After attending SolidWorks Essentials class your life starts to make a little more sense.  Afterward you get the first few designs or drawings behind you and you learn what this awesome 3D software can do for you.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level – SolidWorks Advanced.

Our “201” class is comprised of SolidWorks Advanced Part and Advanced Assembly curriculum.  During the 4-day course, we explore 17 chapters to help you become more proficient.    Advanced Part topics include: Multi-body techniques, complex sweeping, Lofts, Boundary, curves, advanced filleting & Face features.  In Assembly Modeling we cover: advanced mates, file structures, improved performance techniques, top-down design, Display States, Smart Components & assembly features.

Through these labs and exercise you gain a better understanding of how the two modeling environments in SolidWorks can help you make the most of your design time.  The skills taught in the SolidWorks Advanced course are the most critical for successful use of SolidWorks.  While the SolidWorks Essentials class sets the foundation, the advanced course develops the skyscraper!   Take a look at the GoEngineer training calendar for your nearest office!

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SolidWorks Advanced Course Agenda


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