It’s a win/win…free food, access to technical experts, and You! by Nathan Dunn

GoEngineer ExpertsWhen we put our customers and technical experts together, along with free food and open Q&A time, it’s always a recipe for success!  I hope you agree, if you happened to attend one of our recent Integrated Design Engineering & Manufacturing Training Event.  At these events, CAD users are taught how to solve real engineering problems.

Our team

The team of expert applications engineers at GoEngineer spent a lot of time working through a design project, and this is a presentation of some of the challenges encountered, and how the experts solved those problems. These events are intended to allow attendees to engage with our applications engineering teams in an informal way with a focus on how to tackle problems during the design and manufacturing phases of a development cycle.

First things first!

Let’s focus on the important things first, there is free food, an opportunity to have some fun, and the expert team will teach you something. I know that when I am offered free food, fun, and someone is going to teach me something I am more than likely going to be there.

What can I expect at these events?

These are 4 hour long events with one hour of “Meet the Experts” at the beginning, an hour and a half presentation of problems and solutions, followed by an additional hour of “Meet the Experts”. When it comes time to meet the experts, it’s really simple.  Look for the people wearing the tennis ball yellow/green GoEngineer shirts. They should be easy to find, and are willing to discuss any current design issues you might be having. The presentations are informal, but keep in mind that the team is trying to compress 6 months of design challenges and solutions into a 90 minute presentation. The hour after the presentation is reserved to answer any questions.

The team experts also discuss some things that have happened in the last couple of months as well as summer events that are really exciting. Here is one that I can give you. Kids Camp, yes the opportunity for that 10 year old technical genius that lives in your house can learn how to use SolidWorks. Be careful though, I am convinced that my 10 year old with 6 months of experience may be better than I am in no time. Please check out the schedule for your area here:

The technical presentation itself if focused on the challenges that the application engineers encountered during the project, lifting procedures, starting with an existing design, creating a maintenance manual, and a couple of others. Each of these challenges are basically 10 minute conversations focused on the problem and the solution.

Where do I sign up?

As of today GoEngineer has hosted a majority of these events across the country and have had very positive feedback from the attendees. Please take a moment to see when the next event in your area will be and come enjoy some time with your local GoEngineer team. If you missed the event please stay tuned, we will be scheduling the next tour soon.




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