SolidWorks Industry "Closing the Loop"

by Sandy Ortez

Learn how best-in-class companies in your industry are gaining a competitive advantage, saving time, and cutting costs,  with a new class of integrated software tools to help close the loop between engineering & manufacturing.
Ever faced these challenges?  This 2 hour (Noon-2PM) lunch & learn seminar is for you…

Instructions go to the shop floor late, causing production delays.Shop technicians do not understand complex instructions. Late design changes due to errors in manufacturing.Out of date product images in current work instruction.

Click on the city of your choice below to register for one of the upcoming lunch & learn seminars near you:

+ San Diego – August 21
+ Santa Clara – September 10
+ Costa Mesa – September 12
+ Sacramento – September 12
+ Woodland Hills – September 13

+ Tulsa – August 22

+ Houston – September 10
+ Dallas – September 11

+ Salt Lake City – September 11

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