3DVIA Composer vs SolidWorks Composer

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In February 2013 SolidWorks announced a rebranded version of Composer. That means there are some people who are using 3DVIA Composer and others who are using SolidWorks Composer. Here we will highlight the reasons why Composer was rebranded and what the difference is to you the user.

Why did they rebrand Composer?

SolidWorks has given three primary reasons why they have done this

1.  To leverage the SolidWorks brand name to drive more Technical Communication business in the Professional Channel.

2.  To streamline the process in Development, MIS, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Service by aligning licensing method.

3.  To avoid confusion about the Composer brand name, release schedule, and licensing method in the market to optimize sales engagement.

SW Composer iconWhat are the differences?

Now that we know why Composer was rebranded let’s look at the changes or differences between 3DVIA Composer and SolidWorks Composer.

1.  The biggest difference is how activation is handled. 3DVIA Composer uses license files to ensure proper use of the software. The license file request form is filled out by the end user and then sent into GoEngineer and then we send it to SolidWorks to get a license file. There have been times when the delay in this process has been days. SolidWorks Composer uses activation over the internet the same as SolidWorks. Activation is something that is done on the machine during the installation of the product and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

2.  The release cycle will be different moving forward. Historically 3DVIA Composer has released two major versions each year with occasional service packs. SolidWorks Composer will follow the release cycle of SolidWorks. That means SolidWorks Composer 2014 will be released with SolidWorks 2014, most likely in October or November 2013. Then service packs for SolidWorks Composer will be released along with service packs for SolidWorks.

3.  The name and imagery is different. This seems like a small difference but also one that could be important. As the name of this document suggest they changed the name from 3DVIA Composer to SolidWorks Composer. The imagery of the software was also changed to align with SolidWorks. This could be a big issue just in trying to communicate with people. This could cause a problem if a person calls to get support on their product and say they are using 3DVIA Composer when they are actually using SolidWorks Composer. The miscommunication could cause delays in resolving the issue.

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2 thoughts on “3DVIA Composer vs SolidWorks Composer

  1. AvatarPat Bowl

    Congrat… your initial thoughts were sort of a prophecy !!! 1 month to get the license file delivered for a CATIA Composer Player Pro Licence. Licence received well after invoice. This is weird; absolute nonsense, This name change has only brought confusion to the whole chain (partners, distributors, customers, even employees at Dassault. To me, when a product has the exact same features, his name should remain identical. Making it different only for market segmentation purposes defeats the whole thing.
    Not to the Frenc though ! Thanks Dassault Systèmes for this very intelligent move.


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