GoEngineer at Comic Con – Utah by Kevin Q.

by Kevin Quach

GoEngineer brought 3D printers to Comic-Con in UT this year.  This is a massive 3-day event held at the Salt Palace Convention Center with people of all sorts – engineers, machinists, hobbyists, artists, authors, parents, teenagers, babies – dressed up as their favorite characters, to attend panels with celebrities, receive take home goodies, and stop by booths to check out the latest and greatest at one of the largest events in celebration of geek and nerd culture.

Over 80,000 people attended the world record setting inaugural event, and GoEngineer had the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of 3D printing.  To say that the GoEngineer booth drew a huge crowd would be an understatement.  3D printing has been something that’s captured the public’s attention, but for Comic-Con attendees who were seeing it for the first time, it was another Sci-Fi technology coming true.

As I worked at our booth, thousands of people walked by and stopped to ask, “Is this that 3D printing thing?”  After I responded, they quickly gravitated to the booth and got lost in play with the 3D models.  Their excitement was contagious as more and more people brought friends, parents, and strangers to look at 3D printing.

“I can create my cosplay armor with this!”

“Whoa that was made in a single print?”
“Oh my gosh I want that!”
“This is that Star Trek replicator thing!”

As several GoEngineer employees explained the process of how 3D printing works, many onlookers would have a dreamy stare as they imagined the possibilities.

“Yeah it’s pretty awesome, and they’re so cheap now.  The Mojo here can be leased to own for $185 a month, and you’re getting everything you need out of the box including material,” I said over and over throughout the day. My business cards quickly disappeared to the point that we had to tape one to our machine so people could take a picture of it.

To our delight, the day wasn’t just spent at our booth. GoEngineer employees had the chance to go around and check out the show themselves and even make some golden purchases to add to our own Star Wars collections. What a cool experience to be a part of.

Will we be back next year?

“Oh dude, I’m going to make sure we’re at this show every year, this was so rad.” – Kirk Brown, Rapid Prototyping Specialist

We’ll be back.  Working on the 3D print costumes now…

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