GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks! by Francisco Guzman

GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks!

My name is Francisco Guzman and I support DriveWorks here at GoEngineer. I came from an industry where DriveWorks is used to automate repetitive tasks and free up time for engineers to focus on what matters most, new innovation.

I worked for a company that was in the oil and gas industry. There is a lot of time spent in the design of industrial stairs, fixed ladders, tank vessel platforms and even the tank vessels themselves. To free up time and ensure accuracy, DriveWorks was used to “record” the engineering knowhow through the use of rules and algorithmic logic to then generate SolidWorks Models and Drawings automatically. For example, suppose you found that your structural engineers were spending too much time manually permutating designs of ladders in different custom sizes. Every time your engineers do this they would have to also ensure that OSHA code was followed. Human error would lead to red lines in the drawings and more time would be spent in fixing design issues. Why not use DriveWorks to create these permutations for you? This is where I came into the picture. One of the many projects I worked on was the development of the automation logic for industrial ladders using the easy-to-use rules engine in DriveWorks. Once the DriveWorks ladder project was completed, it was used with SolidWorks to generate ladders to OSHA code based on simple custom parameters like height, material, and finish. The Drawings and Bill of Materials were generated as well. Engineering time was reduced from one or two days to about two minutes.DW

Now that I’m with a DriveWorks reseller, my work with DriveWorks is a bit different… and it has its perks! I was sent to DriveWorks World 2013 held in Chicago Illinois to meet the DriveWorks team and to get certified in DriveWorks.  My main job now is to work directly with customers, educating them on DriveWorks and how it can help their company. I also provide product demonstrations so customers can better understand what DriveWorks can do for them. On the support side, well, I am confident to say that DriveWorks is a pretty stable piece of software. Whenever I see a new support case for DriveWorks, I grab it like a free piece of candy.

I like to see customers being successful using DriveWorks. If we can’t find a solution together, we can get DriveWorks involved directly.

2 thoughts on “GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks! by Francisco Guzman

  1. AvatarStephen Krolick

    I am trying to get Driveworks to choose a configuration of a Solidworks model based on a set of rules I created. Whenever I run the project however, it only chooses the “default” configuration. When I run the project through the Driveworks add-in with Solidworks, it chooses the correct configuration. We have our Driveworks running through an autopilot to create our models, so I’m thinking the problem might lie somewhere in there? Not really sure where to go next on this. Maybe I need to write the rule a certain way? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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