Which Animator Should You Use? by Cali McMillian

SolidWorks Animator Vs. SolidWorks Composer Animations: Which One Should I Use?

This is a simple question with almost as simple an answer, it depends. At SolidWorks Work 2013, my colleague and I tackled this very dilemma in a bit of a face-off manner. The conclusion was that it really depends on what you are looking to accomplish. There are tools in SolidWorks which are not available in Composer and vice versa. If you would like to review this topic in a more visual manner visit the SolidWorks World 2013 archive to download the fully animated PowerPoint presentation.

In a nutshell, here it goes…

They both can do this well

  • All at once explode
  • One by one part explode
  • Rotate components while exploding (nut coming off of a bolt)
  • Component disappears after removed
  • View angle changes
  • Geometry update

SolidWorks does this better

  • Kinematics
  • Mates are solved
  • More motion drivers
    • Motors
    • Equations
    • Data Points
    • Distance/Angle/Path mates
  • Part geometry changes

Composer does this better

  • Easy placement
    • No mates
    • Free movement
  • Faster render
  • Less RAM/Large assembly handling
  • BOM
  • Spherical and Cylindrical explode mode
  • Large assembly explode


Only SolidWorks does this

  • Component Motion
    • Dynamic motion
    • Physics based solutions
  • In-context modeling
    • In-context features
    • Dynamic section views
    • Equations
    • Motors
    • Mates
    • Automatic update of components
    • Interpolation modes
  • Cameras/Viewpoints
    • Camera paths
    • Drive by equation
  • Properties
    • Photorealistic rendering

 Only Composer does this

  • Digger
  • Arrows/annotations
  • Interactive View (buttons)
  • Add stills
  • Titles and Credits
  • Link to other files
  • Story boarding

Neither of them can do this

  • Combining Clips
  • Transition Effects
  • Multiple clips per screen
  • Add sound



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