Ready for Nylon? Stratasys 3D printers are.

by Kevin Quach

FDM Nylon 12, Stratasys’ strongest and toughest part to date, was introduced this week. The Nylon material will have “up to five times greater resistance to breaking and better impact strength compared to even the strongest FDM materials.”

Nylon has been one of the most highest requested materials from customers and Stratasys is making good by introducing this new robust material to all Fortus 360, 400, and 900 printers.

Along with being chemically resistant, flexible, and durable, Nylon 12 will also be utilizing Stratasys’ new SR110 support material.  This allows for complex geometries and shapes to be made while also allowing the ease of hands-free support removal.  This allows for new innovative applications within the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industry as Nylon is one of most widely used plastics in today’s world.

For more information on Nylon capabilities, please feel free to contact GoEngineer! 

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