San Diego to host SolidWorks World 2014

by John Lieber


SolidWorks World 2014 is approaching fast! This year, it will be hosted at the San Diego Convention Center starting January 26th and will go through the 29th. Having the privilege of attending 14 times in the past, I’m just as excited as ever. I will be keeping you updated on the events and what they have to offer.

At the event there is always something new to learn about. Whether you are looking for new ways to use SolidWorks, or any of the solution partners, there is a session for you.  Of course, SolidWorks will be presenting their plans for the next year.  They will also be spotlighting existing customers, talking about how they use SolidWorks in their designs and giving us a glimpse into the next version of SolidWorks.  This event is so full of information that it is impossible to leave without learning more than you came there with.

I don’t have enough room in this post to give you the full schedule of events but they can be found on the SolidWorks World 2014 website. Let me summarize what to expect from this year’s event.  The days start early at 7:00 am with a big breakfast before the general session.  During the general session the SolidWorks executive team layout the future plans for SolidWorks, review what is happening within the SolidWorks community and talk about where the company stands.  Each day the session is a little different and they always have interesting keynote speakers. In the past we have seen the hosts from MythBusters (who are actual SolidWorks users), crew members from the Apollo space mission, and even James Cameron who discussed his deep dive submarine project.

After the general session everyone moves into various classrooms for 90 minutes of instruction, followed with lunch then into the afternoon sessions.  Various topics are covered lasting through 6pm, if you choose.  If you plan to attend this year, be sure to find time to visit the Partner Pavilion to see the showcases of customer work as well as the chance to visit a variety of solution partner booths showcasing their products.

On Monday night, GoEngineer will also be hosting a Customer Appreciation Event at the Hard Rock Hotel. Everyone is invited so don’t forget to register! On Tuesday evening, you will find attendees at the much anticipated ‘off-site’ Special Event.  This year will be no different than in the past. You can expect live bands, great food and a working trapeze for everyone to try.  There are many sessions and a variety of topics included in the cost of the event.  You can expect that on the final day of SolidWorks World the tradition is to get an exclusive sneak peek with the unveiling of SolidWorks 2015 – making your trip well worth it!

Overall, you will find that SolidWorks provides you with many topics and sessions making it feel like there is an overload of things to do.  You may be looking to get perspective of the future of SolidWorks for your business, looking for training as a user, or just wanting tips on how to manage your SolidWorks installation.  You may encounter early mornings and long days but I guarantee that you will find this event helpful and stimulating.  You will leave wanting to get back to your office to start implementing everything you have learned, right away.

Keep an eye on this blog as when the ‘big show’ gets started I will return each day with a summary of events.


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