SolidWorks World 2014 Day 2 – SWUGN, Mondo Spider, and More

by John Lieber

At the start of the General Session, day 2 – we were greeted with bright lights and music to pump you up for the day. This time Aaron Kelly, Vice President of User Experience & Product Portfolio Management, took the stage to review the activities of day one of SolidWorks World.  At the end of his opening, Aaron decided to take a snap shot of the large group and tweeted it for the world to see. He quoted “I was there at #sww14 with 5600 of the world’s best and brightest in the engineering community!”  You can follow along by searching for hashtag #SWW14. Be sure to follow us for updates of events, blog posts, tips and more. – @goengineer

AK Picture

General Session Day 2 Group

After the review Suchit Jain, Vice President of Strategy and Community SolidWorks, took to the stage to introduce Jonathan Tipped and his company the EatArt Foundation. We were introduced to Jonathan’s creation Mondo Spider, Daisy, Black Ghost and others. Jonathan had a nice catch phrase about the new product SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual stating that it is like “Google Docs for CAD”.

Mondo SpiderAaron Kelly returned to the stage to talk about one of the sponsors of SolidWorks World, HP who had a really interesting video about their systems and how they, along with SolidWorks, helped Sage Cheshire, Inc. build the Red Bull Stratos capsule.

Next he shared that the last BETA program for SolidWorks 2014 had 17,000 users and announced the winners of over $1,500 worth of prizes.

Richard Doyle, User Community Coordinator for SolidWorks Corporation, came out to discuss the SolidWorks User Group community.  He shared that we currently have User Groups in 29 countries, added 14 new chapters last year alone and had over 800 SWUGN Summits. The San Diego SolidWorks User group lead by Phil Sluder and Jim Boland won the award for User Group of the Year and Jeff Holliday is the User Group Leader of the year.  Rounding out the awards, Deepak Gupta took home the Community Award.

Next up was the Vice President of Research and Development Paolo Bassi who introduced us to SolidWorks customer Greg Mark.  Greg has a company called Mark Forg3D  which has created the world’s first 3D printer designed to print composite materials and print carbon fiber.

Aaron Kelly came back on stage to talk about one of the stars of the show, the ‘Partner Pavilion’ with over 100 partners present throughout the entire show they provide the attendees with not just something to do between sessions and during lunch but they provide valuable tools for SolidWorks users to get their jobs done.  Check out a list of partners to visit.

Intel was also a sponsor of this year’s event and provided a great video to show how their processors are used by many SolidWorks users to power their computers.

To conclude the general session SolidWorks CEO Bertrand Sicot returned to the stage with Geoff Bodine, of Nascar fame, to discuss the Bo-Dyn Bobsled project.  At first they talked a little shop about the trials of the U.S. Bobsled team and how with tools like SolidWorks they managed to not only build on the best bobsleds but announced that the team has won the overall World Cup combined title.

That closed out the general session and the rest of the ‘day’ continued with more classes, meetings and food.  Tonight was something everyone was looking forward to, the ‘Off Site Event’.  This is also known as the SolidWorks Party of the Year. We were treated to a Trapeze, a great live band, a DJ, BMX stunting, a graffiti artists and a concert fireworks show to end the night.  Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention the eight different food stations, a hosted bar, and lots of friends.


It has been a long but enjoyable day. Tomorrow brings the close to SolidWorks World but not before we have one last general session which should share with us some of the new features to expect in SolidWorks 2015.

Until next time, it is time for a few hours of sleep!






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