Twisting Traditional Design With Ridged Flex

by Sandy Ortez

AltiumThe Altium Designer 2014 User Group & Road Show series will be coming to a town near you.  To find out where the next event stop will be, visit the GoEngineer Events Page, then select your event (Altium Road Show or Altium User Group) and see all dates.  Here is what to expect at each session:

Roadshow & Lunch – Join this session if you are looking to update or purchase additional Altium software or product.  Or, are considering adding Altium to your tool box and want to learn about the new features in Altium Designer 14 & Altium Vaults.  Overview:

  • AD14 New Feature – flex design – 3D Capabilities – ECO process
  • Version control – Output job files – Releasing to Vaults
  • Managing Database Libraries – Supplier Links – MCAD/ECAD capabilities

User Group & Lunch -Food & beverages offered during this fun & informative event designed for Altium users to discuss problems, share solutions, and learn something new. Overview:

  • What’s new in AD 14 + User Q&A
  • User challenges & successes
  • What’s coming in AD future release

Register today and save your space at an upcoming RoadShow or User Group meeting.

Quick Links for the first dozen events:

Altium   Road Show – Dallas
Altium User Group – Dallas
Altium Road Show – Austin
Altium User Group – Austin
Altium Road Show – Houston
Altium User Group – Houston
Altium Road Show – Bay Area
Altium User Group – Bay Area
Altium Road Show – Santa Clara
Altium User Group – Santa Clara
Altium Road Show – Boise
Altium User Group – Boise


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