CAMWorks Virtual Machine – True G-code Kinematic Simulation

by Chris Lopez

Geometric Technologies recently released their new, state-of-the-art simulation module for CAMWorks. With Virtual Machine, you can now view your manufacturing processes directly in the context of your CNC machine. By getting it right the first time, expensive scrap and rework is a ghost of the past when we use Virtual Machine in combination with Solidworks and CAMWorks. CWGCode

No longer do we have to rely on “Cutter Location” data to visualize machine motion; Now we can directly output post-processed G-code to the simulation module to show the actual commanded moves. Accurate 3d models of your machine, toolholders, fixturing, and target part are automatically imported into the simulation environment.This allows for for highly accurate, virtual in situ visualization of cutter behavior. Collision detection constantly checks for interference, and any errors found are then able to be edited directly in the G-code.CWGCode2

Virtual Machine also includes full support for complex multi-tasking and mill-turn machines including 4 axis dual turret, dual spindle lathes as well as multi axis mill-turn machines with upper milling heads, lower turrets and sub-spindles.

If you’d like to learn more about applying this technology to your manufacturing processes, give the experts at GoEngineer a call

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