Pathway of the Future

by Denee Busby

History gives light to the pathway of the future.  As 2013 rang out and 2014 began, with or without a BANG, this moment can start the wheels turning.  Will 2014 be the year the machine design industry makes their comeback?  Will it be the year that consumer products regain a footing in the American Economy? Or, will the Oil Rush in the southern region be the leader?

Forbes and NASDAQ are always great testaments of where the industry is going and what trends are developing in the product development community.  The dynamic tag team of Forbes and NASDAQ support the following:

1)      Oil and Gas lead the charge in market share growth potential.

2)      High tech Electronics are crushing the competition for innovation.

3)      Medical Device and Aerospace show flat growth projections for 2014.Simulation1

Do you agree? Whether you do or not, one thing is for sure, understanding how to produce consistent design innovation and reduce development cycles are two of the most poignant keys to accomplishing market share goals in any industry.  Using SolidWorks Simulation to drive these ideas has been the path of best-in-class companies for some time. Using automated tools to verify concepts will prove to be vital in 2014 and is what will set you apart.

Over the next 12 months, we will share a series of webinars that dig deep to reveal how to integrate simulation into the conceptual phase of development and how using those results can drive better quality products and increased market share. Join me for our March 5th webinar: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – the downstream effects on medical devices


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