3D Design & Printing is a Crazy Huge World

by Jennifer Douglas

With the school year wrapping up, engineering parents are looking for a place to send their teenager for summer. After all, keeping them busy means staying out of trouble, right?  Summer camp used to include toasting marshmallows, children pranks and spending the days learning about sports and nature.  Those camp days have changed drastically with the advancement of technology.

Why not open our doors to the next generation of inventors, innovators and those alike? For GoEngineer, summer 2014 brings another year of SolidWorks Kids Camps where teens spend a day learning the basics of SolidWorks and 3D Printing.  How remarkable that GoEngineer’s technical teams band together for 27 days and power through teens and technical stuff?  I give them a lot of credit!

Just the same, customers are embracing the 3D experience now more than ever imagined, and it will only continue to grow – FAST.

Here are a few highlights from that world:

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