Explore Your Inner Engineer! by Jessica Skorut

SeaPerch group1

GoEngineer was out cheering for the local youth again as they showed off their hard work in robotics design, engineering disciplines, and team work. For the second year in a row, GoEngineer embraced the opportunity to support a group of students from Mt. Nebo Jr. High School as they competed in a district wide underwater robotics competition through the SeaPerch program.

SeaPerch is a national program that the Splash Lab, Tadd Truscott Ph.D., and Randy Hurd, all from Brigham Young University, helped bring to Utah. They should all be commended for their efforts to get students excited and engaged in this program. Don’t forget the students, teachers, and parents that deserve recognition, for all of the after school hours spent in preparation for the competition. It certainly paid off on competition day.

Mt. Nebo Jr. High has done it again! Taking home multiple awards, including a team of three girls who received 1st place in Best Design to qualify for the National SeaPerch competition. Best of luck to the team!

GoEngineer sees how special this experience has been for everyone involved. This is an excellent way to help foster inspired youth toward becoming passionate and well versed in the somewhat daunting, yet highly regarded and sought after industries of engineering, science, mathematics, & technology.

We look forward to next year and what the future brings for these young innovators. As we at GoEngineer like to say, never miss an opportunity to explore your inner engineer.



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