They’re Back! Kids’ Camps with GoEngineer

by Jessica Skorut

kidscamp14_350x200GoEngineer is readily gearing up for another exciting round of SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys Kids’ Camps! These 1-day sessions were wildly successful last year. Parents were excited to see something this progressive and technical offered to their children. And many were happy we gave their child an insider’s look at what they do for a living. “My kid thinks my job is cool! Thanks, GoEngineer!” J. Whiting. Our instructors were impressed at the inquisitive and already technical nature of the  students. They appreciated how engaged and excited the students were. The students loved the hands-on experience they received. Each worked on their own computer, followed the instructor as they created their own 3D part, talked about endless real-life applications and possibilities that are available in engineering, design, and manufacturing. Then, the icing on the cake was being able to see the 3D printers in action. To go from desgin to prototype in one afternoon, now that is cool!

KidsCamp2The future of innovation through design, engineering disciplines, and the changes 3D printing is bringing to the world of manufacturing, is in the hands of the younger generations.

From the caliber of students last year, the future is looking very bright!

If you are interested in more information, or to sign up your 10-18yr old child up  for this unique opportunity.

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