Playground For Big Kids

by Tandy Banks

treehouseIn our younger, more impressionable years there seemed to be a mystique surrounding the neighborhood tree house.  Whether it was in your backyard or that of your buddy’s, kids just seem to flock to that box.  Some were just a collection of repurposed refuse while others were well-planned construction masterpieces.  But they all seemed to be consistent in a couple of features; elevation and imagination.

Elevation:   I am not sure if that aspect was overcompensation for the height-challenged youth or just because it was super cool to keep something off of the ground.  Plus it gave us a reason to create stairs, rope pulls and the ever-coveted fire pole!  The elevation also gave us a great way to increase our view of the world.

Imagination:  Many kids have spent countless hours dreaming of different worlds.  Some were playing knights defending castles of medieval times.  Others piloted space ships who were exploring distant planets.  Fire trucks, stage coaches and battlegrounds were all envisioned by its occupants.  It’s amazing how those small boxes could invoke such an imaginative environment.

Included in SOLIDWORKS 2015 is a new application called, Treehouse. Whoever it was that named this application over at SOLIDWORKS Labs is a genius!  This app allows users to elevate their product design by using a diagram interface to preplan new assemblies or make changes to existing structures.  You can simply drag your parts and assemblies together to repurpose them into a new creation.  Just like we did as kids!  If you need to come up with something new, dust-off the imagination and just start dropping things together.  You are able to easily visualize the final product and how all of the pieces get organized, making it easy to share your vision with colleagues and customers.

And it gets better!  We have something that my backyard treehouse never has, a magic button in SOLIDWORKS Treehouse that takes those ideas for new products and builds the assembly structure in SOLIDWORKS for you.  I hope you take the time to look into SOLIDWORKS Treehouse sometime soon and discover what it is like to get paid to play at work.

Catch a glimpse of what SOLIDWORKS Treehouse can do for you:

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