Stratasys Objet Connex Series

by Shannon Morgan

connex3_with_cmy_helmets3D Printing is a fantastic technology making its way into every industry possible. From the hobbyist garage to manufacturing plants around the world, this technology is flooding the news, boggling minds and quite possibly may find you confused. While I can’t explain it all in one blog post, I’ve decided to break down one series of Stratasys printers – the Objet Connex Series.

What’s New
Stratasys recently launched a new and improved Objet Connex Series of Polyjet 3D Printers. As with the previous models, the Connex will offer some of the best printing capabilities in the industry. The new Connex line now offers the ability to blend 3 Materials as its previous model only blended 2. Pretty cool, huh?

What does this offer you ask? Let me break it down…

This new line of printers introduces Multiple Color models and more material options, per part build. Prior,  you could print a blend of 2 materials and create a model with rubber like and plastic like features within the same build. Now you have a 3rd option which will allow you to add clear to that same model. Even better, this 3rd material option gives you the ability to print in hundreds of colors. This is the first printer in the industry to offer parts that are durable, contain multiple materials with color, all in the same build. Below is an outline on how the new Connex Series differentiate between the models. They are offered in the 260, 350, and 500 sizes. Who doesn’t like variety?


color_cyan_clear_rubber_glassesThe Connex 1 offers the ability to print multiple materials within the same build envelope, but not the option to print the digital materials. This means you can print a rubber like part, a Vero White part, and even a clear part, all on the same print tray. This also means you can print a part that has all three of these features offered in the same part. For example, a pair of reading glasses that are White, with rubber nose pads, and clear lens. What would you print with this type of capability?


The Connex 2 offers the same features as the Connex 1, but add in the ability to do (2) blended Digital Materials to offer different shore values with the rubber like materials, and the option to print the High Temperature Digital ABS. This unit is basically the newer version of the Previous Connex 500, but now adding the 3rd material options for a more exciting printing experience.


color_three_bike_seatsThe Connex 3 offers all the features of the 1&2, but adding the 3rd blending material, which gives you COLOR. Now that same pair of reading glasses from above, we can turn into a pair of sunglasses. In fact, the Connex 3 will allow you to print a pair of multi-Color blended frames, with rubber nose pads (even color rubber nose pads) and tinted transparent lens. The Connex 3 is truly the printer of the future you have always wanted:  Durable, full color, multiple material blend printing, all at the convenience of a office friendly, user friendly, 3D Printer.

In conclusion, this series allows you to take over the world.  Ok, you might not be able to take it over but you can certainly start to build your very own world of 3D Printing.  I hope this helps simplify the changes with the Objet Connex Series.

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