by Daniel Lubbe

SOLIDWORKS Composer contains many avenues for creating accurate and easy to understand content for end users.  The content we create can be broken down into three specific categories:

1.  Images – A.) High Resolution Images – published jpeg, bmp, png & tif can be used in assembly manuals, maintenance instructions or SOP documents.  B.) Vector Graphics – published svg, cgm, eps & svgz are made up of lines, polygons, text and other objects.  These images can be scaled to any size, small or large, without losing resolution or integrity of the image.

2. Animation – published avi videos can be used to showcase instructions on how to build or be used for presentations.  Users may also publish the animation as a string of high resolution images, many will take these images and knit them together to create other video types.

3. Interactive Content – Many are unclear as to what “interactive” means in regard to content.  SOLIDWORKS Composer is a tool that allows us to combine images and animations into one single document.  In the video below I will walk you through a developed “interactive document” to help explain how SOLIDWORKS Composer can help you communicate better with your end user.

Everything within this document was created using SOLIDWORKS Composer.  Enjoy!

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