New Material Options from Stratasys

by Tyler Reid

ASA colorsOn January 29, Stratasys improved on the popular ASA and Endur materials by introducing several new variations of each.

ASA is already one of the most-used FDM materials internally here at GoEngineer. We agree with the marketing – ASA has the best surface finish out of the FDM materials. And compared to ABS, it is slightly stronger, fills more sparsely, and is UV stable. The one downside: color options. Up until now, ASA was only available in ivory and black.

But in their latest announcement, Stratasys made available 8 additional colors! We’re now looking forward to printing ASA in red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, white, dark gray, and light gray.

The new options only strengthen ASA’s growing reputation as an “ABS killer.” What do you think? See a direct comparison of the two materials here.

Endur DMThe second part of Stratasys’ announcement revealed that the polypropylene-like Endur material would be added to the Digital Material lineup. Endur has been a versatile PolyJet material for us and our go-to choice for flexible, tough, high resolution parts since its release last April.

By enabling us the option to mix Endur with rigid or flexible materials, Stratasys has given us 20 additional variations of the material! The options vary in color (grayscale) and hardness (Shore A 35 to 95).

The new ASA colors and Endur digital materials are available now!


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