Jeff Dunham’s Customized Achmedmobile

by GoEngineer

640px-Jeff_Dunham_and_AchmedJeff Dunham is a talented and powerful comedic entertainer. He has a globally successful ventriloquist standup act and recognized brand. Having the pleasure of working with him, he showed me how he used Stratasys 3D Printing to help create the Achmedmobile; the hot rod featured in his new stand up video, Controlled Chaos.

Jeff’s mission was to customize the well-known Defibrillator Hot Rod with one of his signature characters, Achmed, as the skull cover for the hot rod’s carburetor. This custom piece needed to mimic his character’s features exactly, meet measurement specifications, and work as a functional part to the vehicle; the jaw opens when the vehicle accelerates to allow air intake.

Achmedmobile 1The old school method for this customization process involved tediously sculpting clay and foam to achieve the desired mold of Achmed’s head.  Jeff simplified this process with 3D printing technology. He used a 3D scanner to scan Achmed’s head from a bobble head toy. With the use of this cool technology, he was able to easily capture the style of his character in a useable 3D image file, and upscale the file to nearly 10X of the original bobble head size. He sent the file to print on a Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer.

Achmed SkullDue to its large size, the skull printed in 6 sections. Jeff pieced them together and with some extra handiwork, had his end product, the Achmed skull – sized perfectly to be mounted as the hot rod’s carburetor cover. Being able to 3D print the Achmed skull onsite saved several days of labor for Jeff, which proved extremely helpful as he had a tight deadline in order to feature the new Achmedmobile in his new video.

After you watch his full process video here, you’ll add innovative and artistic to the list of his credentials. Talk about hands-on!

Achemedmobile Jeff


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