Earth Day and FDM

by Deborah Cox

In recognition of Earth Day celebrations held during April across the country, GoEngineer applauds everyone that is consciously working on helping to preserve Earth’s beauty and resources.  Individuals and organizations are implementing renewable sources of energy, using safer products, minimizing toxins, carpooling, recycling and more – much more.

Earth DayIt’s an important subject, and as it relates to 3D printing and GoEngineer, we want to make sure everyone is aware that when you trade in / up your old 3D printer, GoEngineer Tech’s collect parts from the printer to recycle back to Stratasys.

Do you have stacks of empty 3D printer cartridges and canisters in your office? You can also recycle those items. Stratasys has a great recycle / reuse program located on their website: STRATASYS RECYCLE.  They work with in their recycling department.

The Stratasys website has all the information needed to send empty FDM cartridges, canisters, spools and print engines back for reuse. They even provide the UPS shipping label.

In addition, individuals can recycle waste from the PolyJet machines.  The PolyJet recycle rules are a little different.  There are specific directions for returning the empty resin cartridges or the waste, as they do reuse the cartridges and they do recycle / dispose of the waste properly for you. Once labeled and packaged properly, the final step before sending out the PolyJet items identified for the recycle program is to print the UPS shipping label provided by Stratasys.

GoEngineer encourages reuse & recycling at all locations. If at any time you are unsure of how to recycle your empty cartridges, canisters, spools or waste – please contact us, as we are happy to advise.

In the meantime, check out this video on Stratasys Recycling:

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