Texas Veterans Transition Program Team-Up With GoEngineer

by Dr. Diana C. Dale

FlagThe Texas Veterans Transition Program of Worklife Institute has teamed up with GoEngineer to provide veterans leaving military service advanced technical SOLIDWORKS skills training.  Over the past several years, more veterans separate from military service armed with seniority and technical / mechanical backgrounds and are particularly interested in receiving advanced training in the skilled trades, with recognized certifications to pipeline them into employment. Critical to successful reintegration into civilian workplaces and communities is finding a meaningful, fulfilling occupation with upward sustainability.

Worklife Institute’s veteran program specializes in career direction and targeted training opportunities for an average of 450 veterans and their families each year. The Veterans Transition Program also provides supportive family counseling services and follows them into the workplace to provide job retention coaching. In October 2013, eleven Worklife Institute program veterans attended a successful pilot class provided by GoEngineer. Training opportunities provided by GoEngineer:

  • During 2015, veterans from the program have enrolled in SOLIDWORKS Essentials courses held monthly.
  • A pre-class booster program designed by GoEngineer will be available soon to ensure veterans have the background they need to gain the most from participating in the training courses.
  • Starting in June, the SOLIDWORKS Advanced course leading to certification will welcome veterans that have completed the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course.

Worklife Institute deeply appreciates GoEngineer’s initiative in taking the leadership to provide cutting-edge training to prepare transitioning military veterans with the gateway to rewarding careers.

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