Key Elements For Creating Electrical Components

by Injy Gadalla

Whether you are developing conceptual high-level diagrams or creating detailed schematic drawings, components represent the basic entities of your design. How much time are your spending creating detailed components and mapping the appropriate models and attributes? And most importantly, how are you currently managing and maintaining those components? We will reveal 3 elements you need to consider when creating electrical components that will make your design development cycle successful.

1. Centralized library
Ideally, we all want to manage components in a centralized location to ensure that all team members have access to a common library source. SOLIDWORKS Electrical libraries is the heart of collaboration, using a SQL database to store information applied to your electrical projects. The database of parts, libraries and catalogs can be shared by users and the greatest benefit is that now teams can work concurrently to reduce development time.

2. Comprehensive shared library across 2D/3D
While a component is a representation of a physical device, schematic drawings can have multiple representations of a component, and therefore component creation will become more than just a simple task of creating a block – it can start draining hours from your daily responsibilities. SOLIDWORKS Electrical offers an integrated library database which provides thousands of symbols and more than 500,000 manufactured parts for use in your design. It includes all meta-data (or link to ERP/MRP), and all 2D and 3D graphical information. 3. Import Tools
Usually libraries contain data that has been developed over years, and we are always hesitant to migrate to other tools fearing data loss. SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides symbol importer tool which is free and easy to use. It allows DXF and DWG files to be imported. Information imported can range from lines and text to intelligent attributes, and all of the symbol components and their attributes will be included so you can pick up where you left off!

That covers the 3 elements to consider when creating electrical components. We would like to hear from you if you have additional recommendations or suggestions!

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3 thoughts on “Key Elements For Creating Electrical Components

  1. AvatarRoger

    Hello Injy,
    I would like to read your blog that is such an informative. You shared an important knowledge about electrical components which is the popular in engineering world. Thanks for sharing and continue to share such kind of knowledge with us.

  2. AvatarOkeke Richard

    That was a helpful documentation. However am not a tech guy and my solidworks electrical 15 came with a lot of troubles that is frustrating me to the core. I would appreciate if you can help me out.
    First, the library that unarchives after fresh installation that should have over 5000 manufacturer parts just have 60 and also incomplete symbols etc.
    Second, I can’t create a new symbol using the new symbol command in symbol manager, it just disappears and after filtering/searching it still isn’t there. But I can create symbol by duplicating an existing one.
    Third, after using the “solidworks cabinet layout” command under “process” to create the 3D assembly of the line diagram using any manufacturer part. During routing the error “invalid connection point” and “missing connection point” shows, whereas these points are right there looking at me.
    Four, when I try creating an electrical component, after defining the left, right, top, and bottom faces and creating the mate references and creating point by reference. After choosing the manufacturer part and terminal number with corresponding sketch point, it still doesn’t create these connection points even though it doesn’t show any errors.
    Five, the usual blue icon that turns green on successful connection point creation doesn’t even appear when am trying to create an electrical component.
    Thanks for reading my long list of problems. Please I would appreciate any form of help.


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