SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

by Nic Rady

Do you recall a time when an Application Engineer first came to your business to demo SOLIDWORKS? You might recall seeing him or her click all over the screen, mashing buttons, moving parts and bringing up features with the slightest movement of their wrist.

It may seem like they were working magic but I’m here to clue you in on a secret…

They didn’t have a special macro running in the background, nor did they spend countless hours customizing the settings to tweak the shortcuts. Mostly, they used the default settings in SOLIDWORKS to make their workflow faster and more convenient. Just like any program based in the Windows operating system, there are quite a few commands that are common to any program (everyone knows about Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V). But all programs have their own little quirks, and SOLIDWORKS is no exception.

SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts Guide:

So, on a mission to help make your day easier, GoEngineer has put together commonly used  keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures in a handy reference guide for you to download and can keep on your workstation as you design in SOLIDWORKS. It includes 2016!

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Keyboard Shortcut Highlights:

With SOLIDWORKS 2016 coming soon, we have added the new functionality of the ‘D’ key to the shortcuts guide.  The ‘D’ key’s secret is…

  • While you are in a feature or sketch, you can move the confirmation corner to your mouse to minimize the travel of your mouse.
  • Also, while working on a part, pressing the ‘D’ key will bring the breadcrumbs down to your mouse so that you can see what sketches, features, and bodies a face is associated with for easy editing.
  • We will have more on breadcrumbs in the near future.

We hope there is at least one tip on here that you can start using today! As always, visit JoeEngineer at and ask a question to learn something new about SOLIDWORKS and more!


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