SOLIDWORKS WORLD Day 3: Enhancements, Abundance, and Star Wars!

by Amee Meghani

Don’t See It As The End of SWW16 But As the Beginning of SWW17

Day 3 marks the last day of SOLIDWORKS World 2016. Day 2 Concluded with THE event for all of the SOLIDWORKS WORLD attendees.  All participants were bused to Gilly’s for the ultimate Texas experience, including 2-stepping, generous beer consumption, loud music, karaoke, 10-gallon hats, and cowboy boots.  Tons of people were getting to first base with their plates of BBQ.  Also featured were beer pong, flip cup, or shuffle board.  Finally, the most applauded feature of the night was the band, which I am proud to say is one of my favorites, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!

Kishore takes the stage first and uses the buzz phrase “SOLIDWORKS ecosystem” including all of the SOLIDWORKS tools and partner products.  He talks about how SOLIDWORKS allows parallel processes in environments which yield faster, synchronized concepts to market products.

.decimal is a company embracing this product harmony to deliver custom products in a 24 hour turnaround time to the end user, cancer patients, who need this product to isolate the radiation therapy only to the areas that requires it.  A face scan from the doctor is provided to .decimal, for example, and they create the part in SOLIDWORKS with the help of CAMWorks to provide a product for that patient.


SureFlap is another example, a “smart” entry porthole for pets, which can be connected and arranged to allow or block access as needed.   SureFlap is a convenient option for the interest and safety of pets using the technology marriage of SOLIDWORKS and NETVibes.


Work Hard For the Money

Beta Contest winners were announced and the one thing I remember is that they won a lot of money; which I didn’t get any of.  If you aren’t aware, (I’m talking to all of you who unnecessarily wait until service pack 4 is out before you think it’s “OKAY” to upgrade), the beta test program allows users to test the software before it is released, basically, the more bugs you identify, the more points your get on the scoreboard and the leaders of the board get…lots of money.

Next up is Model Mania, which is a timed SOLIDWORKS  contest and it’s haaaard.  About 3 minutes in, you contemplate, “do I just get up and leave and look like a quitter?”  or “do I stay and pretend to keep working like I have a chance?”


Mark Schneider always presents a walk-through of modeling it, the proposed modification, and the simulation exercise.  Suddenly it looks so simple.  He grouped the winners by users and by resellers.  The one thing I remember about this, is that they won a lot of prizes (like an NVIDIA tablet!), and again, I didn’t get any.

Then Bruce Holoway discussed the top 10 enhancements, which hopefully you know by now, are all driven by awesome SOLIDWORKS users.  Our nagging and complaining of the most trivial things is what makes the product so awesome.  Yay, me!  Hold your applause.


Apparently the most requested enhancement right now, is exactly the opposite of something implemented in 2016.  The bluish-grayish user interface coloring will now be optional, as of 2016 SP3.  Really guys?  The coloring of icons on the screen bothers you that much?

No worries, we can all be calmed and reunited under the umbrella of the Star Wars theme used to present SOLIDWORKS 2017 enhancement previews!  Magnetic Mates were one of my favorites!


Finally, the stage closed with Peter Diamandis, CEO of XPRIZE reminding us that this is the era of abundance and optimism.  He reminded us that technology is making life easier and more possible and more affordable, so we shouldn’t create boundaries.  I would also be that positive in life if I was CEO of anything.  Right now I’m CEO of email collection after this week away.


Thanks for catching our 3-day summary of SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2016!  Check out SWW17 next year in Los Angeles where we’ll be welcomed by inviting traffic.

*I just want to give the GoEngineer Technical Support team a big shout-out and rib-crushing hug for staying back to take care of our clients and taking on the extra onus, so that some of us could attend the sessions.  Thanks to our clients for understanding!

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