GoEngineer, Valentines, and all the Feels

by Jessica Skorut

Without even realizing it, GoEngineer proves to be versed in all things Valentines. Surprising, I know.  But hear me out.

A Stop Motion Love Story

Last year our team created a short stop 3D printed/animated video.  Gary, the main character, was created in the mind of GoEngineer’s CEO while out on a date with his wife – how romantic!  He penciled (literally) the idea, in 2D on a napkin that night. The next day he handed napkin Gary to Tyler, Manufacturing Application Manager, to design in SOLIDWORKS. The love story, albeit slightly abnormal, was instantly popular—and funny! With thousands of still frames, hundreds of combined work hours, and several 3D printed Garys, SHeLvEd is a work of art. You can watch it here for yourself and read about his creation in a blog post called, Behind the Scenes.

3D Print Gary

An Engagement Love Story

One of our team members decided to use the skill and technology he had at his fingertips here at GoEngineer. Using SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing technologies he planned his marriage proposal. He worked with our specialists to download the files for a long stem rose from Thingiverse. They helped him make slight custom design iterations and then 3D print a dozen of them for the big night. His girlfriend (now wife!) came home to a room filled with roses; garden-fresh and freshly printed. Luckily, he listened to our advice and didn’t print her ring.

Roses and stems were printed on a Fortus 250mc with Olive Green and Red ABS material

A Family Love Story

One of our application engineers used 3D printing to memorialize his family pictures with a technique called Lithophane. Magics, a data preparation software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, was used to take the digital photo and use different colors to assign depth to the model—a very sweet gift idea to give a loved one. He tells us his wife placed the gift in their kitchen window for the light to shine through.  A thoughtful and customized gift.


A 3D Printed Love Story

This is a great post done by GoEngineer’s Jeff Jordan about 3D Printing Valentines Gifts. He gives several beautiful, unique and even intricate 3D printed Valentine’s gift ideas. The files are readily available through open sites like Thingiverse and Shapeways. Once you select the gift, let GoEngineer help you Print-Your-Part with our 3D printing service bureau. Or, like Max points out, several UPS stores will 3D Print your file right in their lobbies.


Get To Work, Share the Love

Isn’t is great when your work can help you be the hopeless romantic you’ve always known yourself to be? Design an automotive flange for a customer…design and print a flower to impress your wife! Not a bad day at the office.

Sometimes you find what you are looking for in the most unsuspecting of places.

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines

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