SOLIDWORKS MBD – Your 1st Look at the 2016 Enhancements

by Ramon Busboom




SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. It helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) including 3D model data in industry standard file formats such as eDrawings® and 3D PDF.

By guiding the manufacturing process directly in 3D, SOLIDWORKS MBD allows for streamlined production and more efficient cycle times.

SOLIDWORKS MBD defines PMI directly in 3DDefine PMI Directly in 3D: SOLIDWORKS MBD defines PMI directly in 3D avoiding the expensive and risky 2D drawing detour. 3D PMI also helps speed up communication, cut quoting time, and reduce errors thanks to its 3D data interrogation, interactivity, and rich Meta properties.


Clean and Structured 3D Presentation: SOLIDWORKS MBD helps organize rich data into clean structured 3D presentations. It can intelligently show and hide 3D annotations while you rotate the model, allowing additional clarity while maintaining all of the critical annotations. Messy display? Tedious navigation? Missing annotations? Problems solved!

Customize 3D Output Templates: SOLIDWORKS MBD delivers a comprehensive set of Customize 3D Output Templatespredefined templates that are print friendly and easy to customize, serving multiple deliverables and departments.Once the 3D Output Templates are set up, they will serve as internal and external process guidelines for all departments, such as Manufacturing, Operations, QA, and Procurement on multiple deliverables, such as engineering drawings, Request for Quote (RFQ), inspection report, and work instructions. SOLIDWORKS MBD covers them all.

Comply with Industry Standards: SOLIDWORKS MBD helps comply with the predominant industry standards, such as ASME Y14.41, Military-Standard-31000A, ISO 16792, and so on. This compliance gives you the competitive advantages to win more contracts and deliver projects to strict requirements, on time and on budget.

Share and Archive Intelligent and Intuitive 3D data: SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you share and Share and Archive intelligent and intuitive 3D dataarchive intuitive 3D data, including the models, PMI, views, and Meta properties, saving costly time by not having to re-modeling based on traditional 2D Drawings. Upgrade your legacy product configurations to new models much faster and design tooling and fixtures with ease.

GoEngineer’s New Product Design Team has put together complimentary training sessions;  1st Look at SOLIDWORKS New Products 2016, to help you make the most of the recent enhancements. If you’d like to learn more about SOLIDWORKS MBD and other new products, please join us. View the full AGENDA.

1st Look SOLIDWORKS new Products 2016


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