Olympic Archery: Hoyt

by Mitch Bossart, Industry Writer for GoEngineer

Hoyt Archery

Hoyt Archery of Salt Lake City, Utah has a large number of athletes from around the world using its bows, including everyone on Team USA. Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski, and Zach Garret make up the men’s U.S. Olympic team for archery, while Mackenzie Brown will be representing the U.S. women.

All four athletes will be shooting the Hoyt Prodigy Formula Series bows in Rio while competing against archers from around the world, many of whom will also be wielding Hoyt bows.


Figure 2: Mackenzie Brown holds her Hoyt overhead after clinching a World Cup victory.


In the modern day era of the Olympic Games, there has been more archery medals won with Hoyt bows than by all other bow companies combined. Chances are good that a Hoyt will land on top of the podium again in 2016.




Hoyt Archery uses multiple products and services through GoEngineer including SOLIDWORKS,

Simulation, and Stratasys 3D printers to create designs, analyze the structure, and visualize the results in a fast and repeatable process.

These tools have been important for Hoyt engineers who are constantly developing cutting edge archery equipment for use in the Olympics and other competitions around the world.

The result is the industry leading Prodigy Formula Series bows being used by the Olympians.

The engineers at Hoyt love working with GoEngineer because of their technical expertise that helps Hoyt to help innovate new uses of these tools to push the state of the art in design, engineering, and prototyping.

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