SOLIDWORKS 2017 Drawings – Copy Sheet Format

by Amee Meghani

Drawing enhancements don’t always have the instant “wow” or “glam” factor that some of the other features can offer in SOLIDWORKS.  They aren’t nicely dressed in pretty colors or impressive shapes, but for the SOLIDWORKS user who is pushing out drawings packages regularly, this latest enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2017 is a big productivity win!

Drawing Enhancement for SOLIDWORKS 2017

For multi-sheet drawings, users now have the ability to change sheet formats for multiple sheets at the same time.  This isn’t limited to only sheet formats – you can modify sheet scales, projection angles, and more.

Imagine you are working on a spreadsheet in Excel and you need to modify a column of data.  You change one cell at the top, and then drag it down to the remaining cells and voila, you’re done.  Imagine if you would have to copy and paste each cell individually.  :-O

This is essentially the enhancement we have with changing sheet formats in SOLIDWORKS 2017. We are basically copying formats to multiple sheets.

How to Create Multi-Sheet Drawings Using Different Formats

Right click on the drawing to access sheet properties:

SOLIDWORKS 2017 drawings

Make the desired changes.  In this case, I will change the sheet format from size D to size C.


Before applying changes, note the new button for “Select Sheets to Modify”.  This allows the user to deploy the change to any other sheets.


When you select ‘OK’, you get to ‘review your order’ before it’s processed.  Just pay attention to the confirmation line under “Select Sheets to Modify”.

And then apply changes.


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