GoEngineer’s Technical Support FAQ Series: Software Stability, Browser-Based CAD System, & Virtual Machines

by Randle Wood

GoEngineer Technical Support Series

GoEngineer has an amazing Technical Support team.  They put their heads together to identify and create an FAQ series addressing questions most often asked about SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, PDM and more.

Today we will discuss:

  • Software Stability
  • Browser-Based CAD System
  • Virtual Machine

Why is this software not stable after so many years in development?

That is a question that deserves an answer based on an individual CAD Station analysis.  Instability is as unique as the user & station.  In the most basic of terms, the software is stable as tested when released.  SOLIDWORKS goes to great lengths to internally test, BETA Test with users like you and I then Beta(2) test again before release.  Why?  Because no closed sandbox testing will ever catch all the issues that will arise on a few of the millions of users individualized – custom setup – including varied software, CAD Stations.

If you would like to be part of that testing head over to the SOLIDWORKS Beta site and select “Notify Me”.  Use good judgement though; a Beta is not meant for production.

Why hasn’t SOLIDWORKS created a browser-based CAD system like Fusion 360 or OnShape?

It’s not that it isn’t in the works, it is. It’s called SOLIDWORKS Xdesign.  SOLIDWORKS Xdesign will ultimately change the way your parts and assemblies are designed.  This will free you up to push the envelope even farther.  I had the opportunity to test the browser-based SOLIDWORKS in Safari on a 4-year-old MacBook Pro during the last BETA. Outside of slight wireless latency, I had no issues.

Why does SOLIDWORKS block my use of certain virtual machines with their software?

First and foremost, it’s the concern of pirating – plain and simple.

Activation is allowed on:

  • VMWare
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Parallels
  • Citrix Xen

Although these are allowed, they are not officially supported.  Why not?  Because the amount of individual configurations makes it nearly impossible to test and certify each one.

To learn more about the allowed virtual environments head over to SOLIDWORKS Support for Virtual Environments

We hope you enjoyed this Technical Support FAQ session and learned something new. Tune in next week for another FAQ session.

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