GoEngineer’s Technical Support FAQ Series: Share a Sketch, Stored Files and Saving Native Files

by Krystine Thoroughman

Can SOLIDWORKS share sketches between different part and assembly files?

The easiest way to share a sketch is to create a Sketch Block.  A Sketch Block turns individual sketch entities into a group or block. Sketch Blocks can be saved and placed into the Design Library to be shared with multiple users or parts. Multiple sketch blocks can be used in a single part to layout a 2D part or assembly design.

To create a sketch block, simply create a sketch and right click and select block.

From the Design Tree, a Sketch Block can be edited, saved, exploded or added to the Design Library.

Why is performance so bad for files stored on Network Drives?

Optimal SOLIDWORKS Performance is dependent on many factors. Where the files are stored and how quickly those files travel through the network can greatly affect performance.  Slow performance may be due to indexing services, applications, anti-virus software and network bandwidth.

To test if the Network is causing poor performance, store files locally and then open the files.  If the files open quickly from the local hard drive, but not the network, then there is a problem with the network that needs to be addressed.

Can I save SOLIDWORKS files into native past version files?  Why not?

No, SOLIDWORKS files cannot be saved as a native past version file. Each version of SOLIDWORKS is packed full of new features, to make each of these features backward compatible is near impossible. As a workaround, SOLIDWORKS does allow users to save files as a native Parasolid, step, or IGES format.

To save a file as a Parasolid, step, or IGES format. Select File -> Save As. Any file format can then be chosen.

We hope you enjoyed this installation of the GoEngineer Technical Support FAQ. Let us know if you have a question we can address.

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