No Cubicle Shelves? No Problem, Design & Print Some!

by Jeff Parker

Shelves are for trinkets.

What do you do when you are assigned to a cubicle at work and don’t have a place to display your trinkets? Simple, you design some shelves in SOLIDWORKS and 3D Print them of course!

For this project, the design process was a little more complicated than previous ones.  To start, there were some unknowns between the amount of weight to support and how it would sit on the cubicle walls which are covered in fabric.

I started with a simple shelf bracket design and used simulation to test the weight requirements. I determined it should be 20 lbs. Next, I  printed out a set to test.  The images below show the first design in full view and detail, and then the results of the testing of the first version.

As you can see in the photo below, the first test shows too much deflection in the back support. This caused the shelf to tip forward.  In addition, the weight of the shelf causes the bottom of the bracket to depress into the fabric wall adding to the tipping of the shelf.

Back to the drawing board.

I went back to my design in SOLIDWORKS to modify it and took into account the new variables. Voila! Here is the new design.

After the redesign and simulation, we printed out a new set and tested it out again. The result was exactly what we expected!



6 thoughts on “No Cubicle Shelves? No Problem, Design & Print Some!

    1. AvatarDeborah Bell

      Hello Jake,

      Thanks for your comment. Jeff no longer works for GoEngineer, but I’ve reached out to him to find out if he has the files and is able to share them with you. I let him know your email address so he can reply direct to you.

      1. AvatarMarc

        Hi Deborah. Would you mind sending Jeff my address as well? It would be great to try to print these out! Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide. Cheers, Marc.


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