Solving a Shoe Dilemma with SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing

by Erin Crowe

Have you ever started your day with a shoe mishap?

That’s exactly what happened to Kate Hedburg, Applications Engineers in Houston. It all started when the heel fell off of her shoe. Some people would just toss them in the trash, but for her, it was the perfect opportunity to use SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D Printing to save the day.

Kate paired up with Ross Philips to put their knowledge to the test and create a replacement part for the shoe.

Solving the Shoe Dilemma

First, Kate and Ross assessed the problem.
Once Upon a ShoeNext, Kate whipped out calipers, took some measurements and plugged the data into SOLIDWORKS.

Once the data was plugged into SOLIDWORKS, a CAD file was created and sent over to the Stratasys J750 printer for printing.

In a matter of minutes, Kate was able to glue the final 3D printed part on to her shoe.

How awesome is that? There is no need to toss this pair.

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