SOLIDWORKS: Numbers and Drill Sizes

by Rodolfo Gutierrez

Hidden Gems in SOLIDWORKS

There are many hidden gems in SOLIDWORKS that can enhance your drawings. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to display letter and number drill sizes instead of hole diameters in your Hole Table in SOLIDWORKS 2012 and later.

Let’s get started!

First Step: insert your hole table by going to Insert > Tables > Hole Table


Second Step: go into the hole table property manager by hovering your mouse over the hole table and selecting the cross icon on the top left corner (also used for moving the table). The minute you click this icon, the hole table property manager pops up on the left.


Third Step: under the Scheme section, select to Show ANSI inch letter and number drill sizes. This will automatically change your hole table size column to display letter and number drill sizes instead of hole diameters.

Hole and Drill Sizes


And there you have it! Here is a side by side comparison of having that option turned on and off.  I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know.

Hole and Drill Sizes

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