Did your cut list folder in your design tree go missing?

by Erick Vega

Where is your cut list folder?

Here in tech support, we were in communication with a worried customer that thought his master weldment model (which accounted for most of his business) had become corrupted. His highly valued cut list went missing from the design tree. The good news is that this list wasn’t missing; it was actually hidden from the design tree.

In the image below you can clearly see that we are working in a weldment part environment because of the weldment feature in the design tree. Hence, we should have a cut list folder.

cut listIf you go to System Options > FeatureManager > in the Hide/show tree items section, you can hide, show and set tree items to show automatically. To get your cut list folder back, you need to set the Solid Bodies folder to Automatic. The solid bodies folder converts to a cut list folder when working in a weldment/sheet metal part environment.

There you have it, folks. Another happy customer and another saved business, all thanks to SOLIDWORKS.

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