Farm to Glass: Streamlining the Design of Packaging Machinery

by Sandy Ortez

Behind every craft beer, there’s a journey.

It begins in fields of barley and hops, and inevitably always ends with someone calling for a cold one. In a rapidly diversifying craft beer market. Creative designers and engineers are adding new chapters, inspiring a passionate pursuit for innovations and the tools that can make them a reality.

Blending art and science

The brewing process – it’s where art and science come together in pursuit of the perfectly crafted beverage. Master brewers apply a considerable amount of chemistry and engineering as they carefully manage temperature, time and ingredients. The balance of flavors, aromas, and colors is in the pallet of the drinker. Brewers need to consistently pursue complex, flavorful concoctions that are distinct enough to set them apart in a growing market. This is an art in and of itself.


The process of creating original and engaging packaging blends science with art to be successful. Whether it’s for physical protection, information or marketing, 3D design software is helping ensure innovative package concepts reach the shelves. This is done by ensuring their viability in the early stages of the design process.

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Sandy Ortez

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