Today’s Engineering Tools Make the Idea of Customized Baseball Bats Realistic

by Brian Johnson

While watching this 2018 World Series between the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros, I think back just a couple of years ago while sitting in Bricktown Ballpark watching the now OKC Dodgers Triple-A team.

There was a fantastic infielder named Cory Seager that seemed always to get the big hit just when the team needed it. If you are following the 2018 World Series at all, you know that Corey has been pulled up to the big leagues and has been lighting it on fire ever since.

Having played baseball myself for most of the developing years, I have always found bat technology fascinating. I wonder if there will ever come a time that baseball players will use SOLIDWORKS to design their own bats.

It would actually be fairly quick and easy with GoEngineer’s tools.

We could start by scanning our hands with one of our scanners from Creaform, like the Handy Scan. That way we would have accurate measurements of our grip to ensure we model the proper handle.

Once we model the bat in SOLIDWORKS, we can add the MLB specifications to our notes section of the model and create sensors to show anywhere we are out of spec.

It would even be possible to run a dynamic and fatigue analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation on the bat from the forces of the swing and the impact from the ball.

I can now even simulate the turning process with the new SOLIDWORKS CAM Pro to validate the tooling necessary to create the bat.

Maybe in the future, baseball teams will each have a portable woodworking shop with the technologies to build customized bats. It would keep them busy during all that dead time of the 162 game regular season — ha!

Though my Chicago White Sox are not playing in the World Series this year, it has been an exciting series and by the time you read this you probably already know the results of game seven!

baseball world series

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