Speed Up the Aircraft Inspection Process with Creaform SmartDENT from GoEngineer

by Cameron Bevan

Aircraft Damage – Now what? smartdent

Damage to an aircraft structure such as fuselage, wings, or landing gear can be caused by a variety of impacts.

Regardless of the origin, all damage must be inspected.

Aircraft surface inspection and damage assessment for non-destructive testing can now be performed quickly and safely by leveraging Creaform’s SmartDENT 3D software combined with the HandySCAN 3D scanner.

What’s more, SmartDENT 3D does not require users to possess advanced knowledge of metrology software or complex 3D data handling.

Are you ready to minimize aircraft downtime and speed up the inspection process with accurate on-site results?

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About Cameron Bevan

Cameron Bevan (Division Sales Manager at GoEngineer) graduated from the University of Utah, he spent 10 years at the Boeing Co. doing machining, CAD/CAM design, mechanical engineering, managing teams in LEAN Manufacturing/Six Sigma and Process Improvement, he also was an FAA Auditor. He then spent the next 5 years doing medical device sales and management; his positions included: Sales Trainer, Area Sales Manager, and National Director of Sales for USA and Canada. For 15 years Cameron has held various roles that have all focused on providing technology solutions to the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors, CAD/CAM Design, Medical Device, Consumer Products, and Industrial Engineering/Manufacturing sectors. His experience in engineering, design, and manufacturing experience together with sales and management experience provides a unique perspective to help find best fit solutions to a wide range of industries.

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