A Must-Have for Your Design Toolbox: My.SOLIDWORKS.com

by Brian Childree

My.SOLIDWORKS.com is a one-stop shop that contains a number of resources—from online training to 3D CAD libraries to product trials to engineering forums—and much more. You get access to tools that are not accessible until you set up your MY.SOLIDWORKS account—so set up your account today!

A few highlights:

SOLIDWORKS Model Repository

3D Content Central is a huge repository of SOLIDWORKS models you can search, view, and download. Let’s say you need robot components. You can set up a filter within the content repository to show you all the robot components that can be directly imported and immediately used in your design. Most components come with an eDrawings preview that allows you to zoom, rotate, and move components, which makes it easier to select the exact parts for your project.

Training & Certification

Suppose you want to take online training for a new tool or explore existing functionality, such as sheet metal. My.SOLIDWORKS.com provides training modules that are self-paced and self-contained so that you can use them whenever convenient. Hundreds of SOLIDWORKS training videos, from introductory to expert levels, are available.

Learn from Others

Forums are a great and quick way to learn from other engineers who have struggled with the same (or similar) design and manufacturing problems. You can filter by Simulation, Drawings, or Data Management and many other categories. You also have the opportunity to help others by sharing your own experiences and lessons learned.

Product Trials

Online product trials give you access to full-blown SOLIDWORKS, which means you can play with products you don’t currently own, such as Simulation. During the trial period, you can run Simulation on actual designs, which is a great way to get a feel for the product. That means you get an all-access pass to functionality such as topology studies, buckling and thermal analysis, and much more.

How to Sign Up

My.SOLIDWORKS.com is a great resource for your design toolbox. It’s easy to get started! This video will walk you through the process of setting up an account.

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