Enter our Generative Design Challenge and Take Inspire Unlimited for a Spin

by Tyler Reid

Biomimicry. Morphogenesis. Topology Optimization. Generative Design.

Regardless of the name, the idea is the same: using nature-inspired algorithms in human designed parts. From the bones of birds to the structure of the giant lily pad, nature has proven itself an excellent optimizer of strength and stiffness over weight.

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has enabled engineers and designers to pursue these highly efficient designs despite their largely organic shapes.

Generative Design Challenge

But this requires a shift in thinking – topology optimization tools ask the designer to setup load scenarios during the conceptual stage rather than using FEA at the tail-end of the design process. Algorithms deliver the most-optimum shape early and fast – reducing iterations, shrinking the design cycle time, and ultimately resulting in a part that is simply better for it’s given purpose.

Tools such as solidThinking Inspire (and more so, their Cloud-based version Inspire Unlimited) make this process easier than ever! You can set up, optimize, and validate your first part in less than an hour… whether it is a completely new design or a re-design of an existing part.

Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it! Enter our Generative Design Challenge and take Inspire Unlimited for a spin. To sweeten the deal – we are offering to print your design using either Desktop Metal’s DM Studio System or Stratasys’ Fortus 450mc. And if you’re lucky, you may end up walking away with your own personal license of SolidThinking Inspire. Jump in!

Check out our recorded webinar below. It will explain everything you need to know about this contest.  Or, head to the landing page for the full details.

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